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Madden 17

Madden 17 may be seen as just a video game. But there are many reasons why kids should be able to play it. One reason is that it doesn’t have any blood in it and another reason is that it can help kids learn more about the NFL. Click down below to see a madden 17 video.

The Future of Zoos TFK Jot-1

I think that zoos should exist because besides entertainment zoo helps people learn whats out there. For example if there were no zoos and you saw a snake for the first time, wouldn’t you think it’s harmless? This means that zoos educate us so we can have an idea of what kind of animals are dangerous and what kinds aren’t. Zoos also prepare us for an emergency. Let’s say you’re hiking and you get lost, well then you would know what animals are harmful to you and what kinds of animals you can approach. Also, some zoos have places where insects are and maybe they could give you some idea of what insects you can actually eat if you get stuck in the wild. These details show why zoo’s should exist.

Book Clubs: Ungifted Jot-1

Donovan’s struggles/challenges are misbehaving which could lead to bad grades which could lead to  him getting expelled. One detail is when he makes the giant metal ball roll into the gym, he could have killed anyone and if he keeps this behavior up then he’s surely to be expelled. Also, whats even worse is that he said that “It was an accident” which is worse because that dangerous of a thing is not an accident. An accident would be if you punch someone when you’re dancing but you didn’t know that would happen. What he did is called on purpose. Also in this text Dr.Schultz has the power over Donovan. This is because Dr.Schultz doesn’t get distracted like Mr.Fender did. She stays focused on her job. Especially since Donovan did this dangerous of a thing.

My Initial Thoughts

Now that I have my own blog I have to check over my work very carefully because the whole world can see my blog and posts. I feel a nervous because now that the whole world can see my blog if I make a mistake the whole world can see my mistake. I feel a little excited because I have my very own website that is free to the whole world. Now that we have our own blog we can post an idea and the whole world can comment on my idea. I like how we can save our draft and preview our draft to see what it looks like. Now, if we write a book report and somebody else has read the same book and they disagree with your idea, they can post their idea and you might change your idea. Also if I have a idea and somebody else doesn’t agree with my idea they can try to change my idea or I can try to change their idea to agree with my idea. If your friends post a blog and they agree with your idea but have a different way of saying it they can explain why they wrote it that way.

Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome To My Blog!

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