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Stargirl Jot-1

In “Stargirl” I think Stargirl is trying to get the schools all fired up because she’s seen how they are, plain, non-schools spirit and lots more. One example is that during the football game at halftime when everyone was silent she ran on the field and started dancing. I think she did this to get the fans all hyped up. Stargirl’s cheerful attitude sort of makes everyone excited and happy. Another example after she stopped dancing at halftime everyone clapped. This shows that all of a sudden Stargirl just lights up and everyone goes crazy. I think Stargirl came to this school because she knew they were boring so and she wanted to help. This gives me a thought that when she is going to sing happy birthday for Hillary Hillary might light up a tiny bit and then that light will disappear or maybe the opposite will happen. This shows why I think that Stargirl’s trying to light up the school.

Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Jot

In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince I think that Mr.Gaunt is just like Professor Snape. I think this because they both have a very cold attitude and they both make people frightened. I think Mr.Gaunt is like a past generation of Snape. I also think they approach people they don’t know with like a evil look. Maybe Mr.Gaunt is what turned Snape into a evil guy in the first place. Snape might of always been a nice guy but when Mr.Gaunt came along Snape turned into the person he is today. I think Mr.Gaunt is Snape’s role model. This makes me think the reason the chapter is called “The House of Gaunt” because maybe there will be other people in the Gaunt family too. This is why I think Professor Snape is just like Mr.Gaunt.

Independent reading: Charlie and the Chocolate factory – Jot 1

I think Willy Wonka thought that Charlie was the one who would “survive”. I think that Willy Wonka saw how Charlie was really calm and knew he wouldn’t do anything crazy like the other kids. Charlie is the one that doesn’t really have a hobby or is special like the other kids. For example: Augustus likes eating, Violet likes gum, Veruca gets what she wants and Mike watches TV. Charlie is like a ant and every other kid is a dog. Charlie is shy, I think this because he’s poor and he doesn’t want to be noticed.

Book clubs: Bystander-Jot 2

Griffin is a jerk. His way of bullying is either himself or his bully friend asks a victim to do something that doesn’t sound so bad but then before the victim is aware the victim is bullied. For example when Griffin asked David if  he wanted to play “Pretzel”, David said “Yes”. What David didn’t know that “Pretzel” was really so that Griffin could wrestle David. So when Griffin and David stared playing Griffin tried his best to hurt David.  He also likes to use school rules as an advantage like with the school no weapon rule, Griffin claims that Eric has a knife in his backpack. Even though Griffin is a bully he does have pretty sneaky ways to get away with bullying. Like taking someone that everyone thinks is weak and then turning that person into a bully and bully the person the bully wants to bully, also know as a victim. In the book the “weak person” that Griffin uses is David. Griffin thinks he’s the best but, he goes farther than that and is at the point where he thinks “Since I’m the best I’m allowed to threaten people and they have to listen to me OR ELSE”. These examples show why Griffin is a Jerk.

Book Clubs: Bystander-Jot 1

I think Eric’s friendship with the bullies will cause everyone to hate him because Eric being friends with the bullies is sort of like Eric wants to be a bully. Also, it means that everyone who’s not a bully and trusted that he was not a bully now probably doesn’t want to be friends with him now because they’ve found out that he’s friends with the bullies. I think that Eric joined the bullies so he wouldn’t get bullied but he doesn’t realize that he’s losing trust from kids like Hallenback. Eric is a kind of kids who always listens to other people and is always afraid to be a leader. At the beginning of the book “ketchup boy” wasn’t so scared of Eric but once “ketchup boy” saw that Eric was a bully he stared to avoid him.

Writing Long and Strong on Jots – Character

Justin takes everyone’s advice. I know this because when Cash said Lumberjacks are the best but Justin disagrees with him he still takes his advice. This makes me think that Justin doesn’t like to express his own idea so instead he listens to other people. I think that since all of his friends know that he doesn’t like to express his own idea they take advantage by telling him their idea so he agrees. This also can show that Justin is sort of a weakling and he’s scared of other people. If Justin always listens to other people it might impact his life because everyone in the school might try and bully him. I think Justin should make friends with somebody who would stand up for him so Justin won’t be bullied any more. I think Justin should stop feeling embarrassed if he messes up in front of his friend. I think Justin might have a hard time in school. And people will try to be mean to him because they know Justin won’t stand up to himself. I think he will cause a lot of trouble in school because he will tell other people what somebody told him and that will create a fight. Overall I think Justin’s character traits are weak, wimpy, and scared.