Flashlight Project #2

This is the second and final post for the flashlight project. The next step was to measure and cut three wires. After you cut the wires you would have to strip the ends so that you were able to solder the circuit together. When you were soldering your circuit you soldered the switch, the three wires, a battery holder, and the light for the flashlight. Once you completed soldering you were basically done except there was still some steps left. One of them was to cut your pipes so that the circuit would fit perfectly inside it. To do this we used a special type of saw. I thought that it would be hard but it actually wasn’t. If you had done every single one of these steps than you had to just get Mr. Calvert to put all the parts together and then you had a working and completed flashlight. There was actually one more step except it was optional and to decorate your flashlight. (below are some images of my completed flashlight)

Flashlight Part #1

This post is the first of the 2 posts I am going to do on the flashlights. My newest unit in Technology is making a flashlight. This project is by far the longest and hardest one. The first thing we did in this project was practicing measuring and drawing pipes on a planning paper. After we had some experience in doing this we drew our actually design on a sheet (image below). Once this was finished we drew the circuit for the flashlight on the sheet.

Plastic Movie

The other days we just finished a movie in Tech. It was mainly about plastic and how we need to reduce our use of it. As we watched the film there were some striking facts. One of them was that by 2050 it is predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. This was shocking because people really need to open their eyes and reducing plastic use. As time passes this problem will only get worse.


About a month ago we finished our third unit on circuits. Along with this unit there is a project. You could probably guess what it is, making a circuit. The materials used for this project was cardboard, tinfoil, popsicle, and tape. The goal was to light up a light bulb. To do this in your circuit two pieces of tin foil have to touch together. My circuit had one piece of tinfoil on cardboard as the base and another piece of tin foil attached to cardboard held by a rubber band. If you pushed down on the cardboard with tin foil it would touch the base of the circuit and the light, connected to the tin foil on the base, would light up.

Thailand Cave Incident

Recently in Technology we watched a movie about the boys who went into a cave with their soccer coach and got stuck inside for more than two weeks. This incident occurred in late June of 2018 and was talked about all over the world. To me the most shocking part about this is that all of the boys were alive and didn’t sustain severe injuries. Also the rescue took lots of time to figure out how to do it safely. This was the second movie we have watched in Tech and I thought that it was the most interesting.

Pendant Design and Soldering

Soldering was our first big project in Technology. The assignment was to make a pendant out of wire. The first part of this project was making a planning sheet (it’s attached below). Once you were done with the planning sheet you would make the circle part of the pendant. After that you started the design, my pendant was an eye. To make the design you would cut the wires you were given and shape them (the wire was bendable). This took around 2-3 classes for me. Once that was done the final step was actually soldering the piece together. Before you could solder you had to put your pendant and its design on double-sided tape, one side on paper the other with the pendant. If you did this then you were ready for soldering. To solder you have to heat up this type of metal and put it on the connecting points of wires on your design. Once you put the hot metal on the meeting points it would dry and hardened in less than ten seconds. This means that there wasn’t any room for error. All in all this project was pretty fun and I’m looking forward to the next one. At the bottom there is an image of my final piece.

Technology Safety Rules

I have just started Technology. On the first day it was very clear to me that safety is the number one priority. There are 12 rules and we learned about all of them. I think that rule number one “slow down THINK before you act” is the most important rule. This is because every rule basically falls under this one rule. If you use your head and think then the chances of you not following the other 11 rules is low. Also we watched a video of this guy who got a power drill stuck and tangled in his hair. There was blood dripping down his face so that will definitely make me more careful when I use the tools and machines. An image of the 12 rules is attached below.