im back

IM back


Im  9 I love to play sports my favorites are archery, gymnastics, foot ball and skate boarding the first time I tried to fire an arrow i almost shot my hand off! I am not very good at gymnastics whenever I try to do a handstand I hurt my ankle!


I love to play video games my favorite game is fortnite . I will get the forest soon but right nw

I like fortnite save the world I am fleet foot ken and I am SUPERGOD LEVEL I have a pike that is super good.


 I also to act I have been acting for 2 years and have been in four plays

I love to read and i have read a lot of books

I love hiking and camping once i had to camp without food I  ate berries and made a fire it was the most amazing day of my life anyway i am super excited to be back.

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