Over the course of the years I have learned that my sisters relationship with me is very shaky I will be giving you reasons.

With evidence to prove that to you our relationship is shaky.

My sisters relationship with me is very shaky.

Just so you know this stuff is too weird for me to make up,

So if you think i’m making this up Im not

Also I want to prove that  you relationship with my sister is shaky

So keep reading.

One of my reasons is sometimes we fight and sometimes we play my example for this

Once we played with my swords and she sail ozan loves me more

And i’m a big brother so i couldn’t let that pass

I said no and she lunged at me we fought a lot                                                                                                                                                                             but eventually she gave up

Ada is always annoying in the morning.

Ada is always annoying at school.

Ada is always annoying at home

Also another reason is we both love ozan a lot and we constantly compete to see who he loves the most like once ada said ozan loves me more. and

I said prove it she said let’s see who he high fives first he high fived me first then she launched a bunch of desperate attempts to make ozan love her more but they all failed

After telling you all these reasons I can’t help but wonder if my relationship with ada is shaky then doesn’t that mean all the other families kids relationships are shaky or is my family just super crazy?

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