colonial america summary

first the passage tells you about how the news about the Native Americans from a Native American point of view and then it tells you about what differences the colonial settlers and and the Native Americans had And then it tells you what the settlers took from the Native Americans and what time is it led to and then it tells you the sources they’ll how you we learn about Native Americans from like Queen huetamo and Mary rowlandson then it tells you from a pilgrims point of view and what kind of different pilgrims there were then it tells you why the pilgrims settled in the Americas and what they got from it and then it tells you about the slaves that the colonists brought and bought from the Portuguese and also brought with them and then it tells you about indentured servants that agreed to work part time labor for in exchange for passage to the new world and then it tells you how life was different between the cities such as Boston, Philadelphia and New York and also the small Lake towns and Scattered settlements and Farms like New Hampshire ,Massachusetts , Rhode Island and Connecticut had Rich forests for good Timber end hunting And then it tells you about how people had to work together to form a new country and then it’s tells you about pains there would be and then it tells about how we remember some but some are hidden within history

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