Bunker Hill Essay

Bunker Hill with a Revolutionary War battle was fought between the Colonists and British. This event happened in Boston in 1775 when William Prescott and the Massachusetts militia fought the British on Bunker Hill. I will be telling you a lot about Bunker Hill. Here’s a start. The famous Battle of Bunker Hill was actually fought on Breed’s Hill. William Prescott was supposed to build a fort on Bunker Hill but he build a fort on Breed’s Hill. I don’t know if it’s just bad geography or plain awesomeness but that’s just how it worked out .

So in the middle of the night the Massachusetts militia went up to Breed’s Hill to secure Bunker Hill but actually secured Breed’s Hill and you can imagine the shock on the British faces  when they saw the fort the British charged up the hill but the colonists fired a volley of musket fire that crippled the British lines. The British were so unprepared for this that they immediately dispersed and retreated down the hill. During the second attack the British met the same fate. They repeated this process over and over again until they finally came to a point of not dispersing while many guys were dying around them. So the British charged up the hill and when the colonists fired their crippling volley at them they didn’t disperse. instead they charged up faster when they got to the trenches…

What follows may be only be described as a movie of three hundred fight scene rather than a revolutionary war battle. Men were kicking and biting and stabbing and swinging there guns. Men were climbing over dead and hurt  men and Prescott and the Massachusetts militia we are having the worst of it. Prescott eventually ordered his men to retreat and while they were retreating his men saw the heroic image of Prescott fighting off 3 British soldiers with his sword.

The Americans lost the battle but when the news reached England people were horrified about how many casualties the British took. Over 850 British soldiers died. That’s not bad considering it was basically the second battle in the Revolutionary War and that was when England learned what they were dealing with.

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