My initial thoughts…

I feel really excited about my new blog because the whole entire WORLD can see my writing and things that I added on my posts. I think this is insanely cool because this is my first time using this blog and the world can give me feedback on my posts which in my opinion is really awesome. They can tell me what to do better and things that they think are really cool and interesting.

I think that having my own blog and post is really amazing because its like you have your own thing and you know if you want to publish something or edit something or update something etc. Its like you have control of all the work that you did and you know that its good so you want to show it to the world and hopefully people all around the world see it and say “Wow!” “That’s really good” and they comment on yours.

I really want a lot of people from all around the world to comment on mine so I can go like “Hey look at this dude,” “This guy commented on mine from China!” or something and my friends would be like, “Hey, this guy commented from Alaska!””That’s just awesome!” I hope they like my posts and they give supportive comments. I really think the blogs are cool because we would leave the blogs by the time we graduate from high school but you can bring it with you to College and by he time your in high school you’ll be like “Wow!””That’s what my first post on My Initial Thoughts looks like!”