Grouping the characters in Pax (by Chapter 6)

We have read up to Chapter 6 in the book Pax By Sara PennyPacker. So far the characters in the book are Peter, his dad, his grandfather, Pax, Bristle, Runt,  the man who sold the flashlight and double A batteries to Peter, and the by standing women who is really minor and she is most likely not important in the story.

This is how I think we should group the characters in Pax.

. Peter, his dad, his grandfather, and Pax because they are like in a family

. Bristle and Runt because they are in the same family

. Minor characters = the seller and the women who didn’t do anything in the story

I wonder what will happen to Pax and I wonder if he will walk back to the place that Peter and his dad left him. Maybe he forgot the way from Bristle and Runts home to the place that he was abandoned. Maybe its too far away. I predict that Peter will happen to find Pax somewhere. (Maybe the place where Peter has last seen Pax). I wonder what will happen next. Maybe peter would get caught dozing behind the dugout. Maybe not. I’m eager to find out everything that will happen. I really like this book.