What is my opinion on building the pipeline?

Well, I don’t really know if I wanted the people to build the pipeline or not because I honestly don’t really care if there is a pipeline being built far away from here so I know it won’t affect my life. The problem is, it totally affects the lives of the people who live near where they’re building it. The Native Americans are worried that building the pipeline will destroy the ancient sites of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and cause pollution meanwhile others like farmers think that the pipeline will damage their soil. If I had to give my opinion, then I would say not build it because I can honestly feel what it feels like to live in a very polluted area and have an important ancient site destroyed. I think that a lot of people cried because of the project. But the thing is, if I was a person in the Army Corps of Engineers, then I would want to build it because carrying oil in a train is very dangerous and if it spills, then there would be to much pollution so I would want to build it.

But overall, I would say don’t build it because it’s just like if your home gets destroyed when your on vacation and you figure out and get super angry.

1st time using a Sphero SPRK+!

Today was the day that I, for the first time in my life, got to use a Sphero! Mrs.Pavia, the teacher who came into our classroom today told us all about what we were going to do for the rest of the day and we were all super excited that we were about to code a programmed robot. We all got picked into groups of two, and we walked to the meeting room, because there was a lot of space to play with the Sphero.

Programming the Sphero was so much fun!!! We made it go forwards, backwards, change colors, make sounds, jump, plus much more! In the end Mrs.Pavia gave us a challenge, we had to make the Sphero go forwards and stop right before the line of the square,(which was painted on the ground). After me and my group did it in a flash, she gave us another harder challenge. The 2nd challenge was to make the Sphero go in a square, meaning going around back to the beginning in a square shape. My group also did it but took a bit longer this time.

After we finished, everybody though that playing with the Sphero’s were so fun and cool! I really enjoyed playing with the Sphero SPRK+! I hope I can buy one!

Philly Itinerary Trip

The trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was really fun because we saw a lot of cool, historic artifacts like the Liberty Bell.

Everybody woke up early like at 5:00 to get to the bus. On the bus we played on our electronics and watched movies. The time passed so fast and Boom, we were crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge arriving at Philadelphia.

We first visited the Liberty Bell. We had a tour guide. I learned that the bell didn’t crack itself, it had a crack in it because when the workers were trying to fix the little dents and cracks on the bell, they accidentally made a mistake and make a larger crack in the bell.

After we took some pictures and after a while, we went to the Independence hall. It was really cool because we saw where the United States Constitution and Declaration Of Independence were debated and signed. There were chairs and desks etc. There was a person telling us about everything. For example, he said that some of the chairs were antique and some weren’t so we should be careful not to touch them even though they were out of reach. The antique chairs did look really old and rusty with a lot of marks.

After a while, we went to eat lunch.

After we ate our delicious lunch, we went to the Constitution Center to watch a show titled Freedom Rising about how America came to be. The constitution Center is also the place where we got off in the beginning and where we ate lunch. The Constitution Center was kind of like a museum. There was like objects and things to do all around you. What I remember me doing was there was a place where you had to write what you would do if you were president on post-its with pencils. He he he. I wrote no homework.

After that we headed towards the coach bus to head back home.

This trip was really fun and exciting!


How I feel about Donald Trump being elected as president of the US

In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump has won over Hillary Clinton. I did not expect this to happen. Before the election, I didn’t want any of the presidents to win. I didn’t think that any of them were fit to be America’s next president. I disagreed with Hillary Clinton’s policy about how different genders of people can go into the same bathroom. Hillary thinks that people should basically be able to decide which gender they are. For example, if you’re a boy, she thinks that if you think that you’re a girl, then you can go to the women’s bathroom.

I am not a Trump kind of person. I also disagree with Donald Trump after the election. I also don’t think that he is fit to be president because he wants to do so many things. For example, he wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico so Muslims can’t come to America and take jobs away from Americans. He even wants Mexico to pay for the wall. That’s just Outrageous! I hope Mexico won’t get mad and start attacking the US and maybe World War III will start. He also wants to get rid of Obama Care which is bad because then a lot of people will suffer and die because they don’t have any healthcare. Also I think he is a bad influence on people because he is racist. He is sexist and treats women unequally. He also says that he will lower the taxes which is okay but overall, I think that he isn’t going to make America great again. I wonder if he is going to be impeached or something. I wonder if America will like him. I wonder if he will keep all the promises that he promised.