Rube Goldberg Project #1

In class we are doing a Rube Goldberg project and I’m pretty sure that everyone is really excited to build one.

A Rube Goldberg machine is basically something that causes a chain reaction to make something else do something which makes something else do something and so on. For example, a ball hits a domino which hits another domino, which hits another domino and so on, and then the last domino falls on a mini seesaw which makes a marble go flying and land in a pipe and it rolls down and so on. A Rube Goldberg machine can literally be anything and it also uses many pretty complex steps to do a simple task.

My partners are Mason and Joning and we met at his house to get started on the sketch. We were thinking about what the simple task should be and started suggesting ideas┬álike, turn on Mason’s iPhone or the Xbox, and finally, I forgot who, suggested that we try to get the ball to get into the hoop and we all agreed on it. So far we just made part of the sketch but we are still going to meet sometime.

I am very excited to keep working on this very fun project!

2 thoughts on “Rube Goldberg Project #1

  1. I agree with you Rick that this is a very fun project! I like how you put details about a Rube Goldberg Machine and how you used the words like,”Complex”. Overall I think your post is well written!

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