Capstone #6: Working on my final project

After all the research and everything, we finally get to work on our final presentation! We got to choose from an ignite, a TED Talk, or a digital experience where you just watch the video with them talking in the background. An ignite is a talk in front of a presentation with only 12 slides, with 15 seconds on each slide and so the total time is three minutes. I felt that I didn’t want to be rushed so I crossed out ignite. Then there was the TED Talk. I kind of wanted to do the TED Talk in the beginning of Capstone where Mr. Casal told us the different types of presentations because I thought that I would have more freedom to show what I learned. It had to be 5 – 8 minutes long, which was fine with me, and you could have as many slides as you want. So I chose the TED Talk. Also, I didn’t want to do a digital experience because I like presenting in front of people to work on my public speaking skill.

Working on it was kind of tough but also at the same time not that tough. It was tough because I didn’t know what to really do and want pictures to put on it. But it wasn’t that tough because Mr. Casal shared us a presentation showing what to put on each slide for an ignite. He also said that you could use it for a TED Talk so that’s what I did. I had to find a lot of pictures and two days before we had to present to the parents, I added a video demonstrating what the da Vinci surgical system looks like and how it works.

I presented to my class a couple of times and they gave me feedback that helped me a lot. For example, they told me to speak slower. Presenting to your classmates is good practice for when I have to present to the parents. Overall I think I am ready to present in front of the parents!

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