Going to Pollo A La Brasa Misti Restaurant

Today our whole fifth grade went on a field trip to a restaurant called Pollo A La Brasa. It was a peruvian restaurant meaning the food is food that peruvians eat. We went there because Senor Johnson,(our Spanish teacher), said that we all worked very hard for the past two years so this was his gift to us. Before we went, we practiced saying the dishes that we will be served and other words that we might use to communicate with the waiters and waitresses. Senor Johnson said that this will basically be our final exam to test how much Spanish we know. He also told us to speak as much Spanish as possible.

When the buses dropped everyone off, and I got off the bus, It seemed to me like the restaurant wasn’t bad. I could smell the food and it smelled really good and my stomach was growling. When we got in we got assigned to a table with two, three, four, or even five people. I got with Ryan and Joning. My mom was the parent supervisor at our table.

The first thing to come was the appetizers, the lime and bread. I had a little bread but I was just waiting for the main dishes. The next thing to come was chicha morada. Chicha morada is a drink with cinnamon, purple corn, and more. Then came the actual dishes. First was Lomo Saltado. It was so good! It was my favorite. There was beef, some garlic and other vegetables, fries, and of course rice. I ate a lot and so did everyone else at my table. We literally gobbled everything. Next was Pollo Saltado and that is basically Lomo Saltado but with chicken instead of beef. It was also pretty good. Then came the Pescado which is fish. That was my second favorite. The last dish was Tallarin Saltado de Carne¬†which is beef with noodles. That wasn’t that bad.

Overall I’d say the food was really good!

I think this field trip was really fun because I got to taste food that I never got to taste before and it was a really good experience. I’ve never done anything like this before.