Sphero lesson #2 and #3

On Thursday, March 16, my group,( Joning, Mason, and I), taught Sphero lessons 2 and 3. We are only suppose to teach Sphero lesson 3 but we didn’t get to teach Sphero lesson 2 on Tuesday so we taught both lessons in one day. The first group was just like usual for both lessons. There was still the girl who kind of wanted to hog the Ipad while the others kind of let her do her thing. I think my group taught pretty well and the 1st group learned a lot. They also got to play Sphero games for the first time because last time my group forgot to tell them about it. The second group was pretty much like the 1st group and they also learned well. I think that there is still somebody who thinks that they are teaching us but the lessons went pretty well. Overall, I think that both groups did a much better job in their second and third lessons than their first lesson.



Sphero lesson #1

Yesterday my group, (Mason, Joning and I), taught our 1st Sphero lesson. Yeah! We had to teach two different class. The first class contained of Charlotte, Beatrice, and Sandy. The second group contained of Nate, Jonah, and Lola. We first taught the basic commands in both groups like roll, set speed, spin, delay, and stop. In the first class, there was somebody who was trying to hog the Ipad and code the Sphero herself but we told her to let the others try so she listened. I don’t think we did well for the 1st group because after we finished teaching how to make a circle with the Sphero, we didn’t know what to do. But after that, the teacher told us to give challenges for the learners so in the 2nd group, after we finished teaching how to make a circle, we gave them challenges like can you make a half circle, stop, and make the other half. Another thing was that my group felt that one of the learners were trying to teach us. We also played games with them with the Sphero. My group didn’t code the advanced games but we still played them and had fun. For example, Color Grab. The Sphero would say a color and the colors would start changing and you would have to shake the Sphero when the color turns to the color that the Sphero said.

Ballroom Dancing Reflection

For our final Ballroom dancing performance, I think that it went pretty good because we all danced well and the readers and demonstrators read and demonstrated well so it was okay. I was a reader so I was kind of nervous. Before the performance, Mr. Simon, the dance teacher, told me to not say three after I said on a scale of one to ten, I would rate the first ballroom dancing lesson a… so he could cut me off and make the parents laugh. I wasn’t nervous to dance but nervous to dance on front of my parents because they would take pictures and videos of me. Overall, I would say that it went great except for the part where my parents took pictures and videos of me.

Martin Luther King Jr. Speech realized?

I think that Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Dream” speech has been realized and not.

I think that it has been realized because now there’s no segregation. When Martin was alive, there would be signs saying “Whites Only”. Also, black people and white people went to different schools, used different bathrooms, water fountains etc. On the bus, black people could only sit in the back and the white people get to sit in the front. But now, black people have way more rights than they had a long time ago. So I think that Martin’s speech has definitely been realized in this point of view but also it hasn’t been realized in another.

I also kind of think that Martin’s speech was not really realized because there are still some people who don’t want/like black people being treated fairly. Maybe for example, some companies take in white people for jobs but not black people just because of their skin color. I do not think that is right.

So this is how I would answer to Martin’s speech being realized or not.

My opinion on cloning

Today I read a weird, but cool article on cloning animals. I think that cloning pets is kind of dangerous. I think that because if ISIS hacks into a laboratory that clones living things, then they will find out how to clone themselves and they will clone themselves which will end up in them taking over the world. I also think it’s dangerous because if somethings goes wrong with the DNA, then the cloned animal will die because of a problem like a sickness, or issues with their organs. This is why I think cloning pets is dangerous.

Soccer Feature Article

I wrote my feature article on Soccer because I want to encourage kids who don’t have a sport that they love to find one. I think that soccer is really fun so kids will love it! Soccer is a very competitive game so my article would mainly be for kids who like versing other teams. I really liked making my feature article because it was fun finding pictures and diagrams.




My thoughts on Rocketry Presentation

Today my rocketry group and I shared our rocketry presentation to the parents!

We were the second group to share and I was a tiny bit nervous because I thought that I might mess up and say the wrong things or stutter too much.

The rocketry presentations were basically presentations that talked about how we made the rockets, how high they went, did the launches go well, etc. Before the presentation I thought that our group was ready and we didn’t have any consistency problems or anything. Overall I think that we did really good and got better as we went on with the presentation.

All the rocketry groups took like a little less than 2 months to make and revise the presentation. I really liked doing and presenting our rocketry presentation because it was a fun experience and it helped us learn what it feels like to talk on front of a lot of people.

Peter is determined to find Pax.

In the book Pax by Sara Pennypacker, Peter is determined to find Pax, the abandoned fox. Peter and Pax have been together for so long that since now they’re far away from each other, they want to be together again. Peter is determined to find Pax because he doesn’t want a “family” member to be ripped apart from his life. One example to prove that Peter is determined to find Pax is that he is willing to walk hundreds of miles to find him which is insanely challenging. Another example to prove that Peter is determined to find Pax is that when Vola tells Peter that it’s not safe to go find his fox with a broken ankle, he says that he is going to go in 1 week or less.

I wonder how long it’s going to take Peter’s foot to heal and when he’s going to go find Pax?

What is my opinion on building the pipeline?

Well, I don’t really know if I wanted the people to build the pipeline or not because I honestly don’t really care if there is a pipeline being built far away from here so I know it won’t affect my life. The problem is, it totally affects the lives of the people who live near where they’re building it. The Native Americans are worried that building the pipeline will destroy the ancient sites of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and cause pollution meanwhile others like farmers think that the pipeline will damage their soil. If I had to give my opinion, then I would say not build it because I can honestly feel what it feels like to live in a very polluted area and have an important ancient site destroyed. I think that a lot of people cried because of the project. But the thing is, if I was a person in the Army Corps of Engineers, then I would want to build it because carrying oil in a train is very dangerous and if it spills, then there would be to much pollution so I would want to build it.

But overall, I would say don’t build it because it’s just like if your home gets destroyed when your on vacation and you figure out and get super angry.