King George What Was His Problem Reflection

I think that the Americans are going to win the war because they have France on their side and lafeyette is a really good fighter and also Benidict Arnold is in the hospital right now but he is gonna come back better new and improved and a better fighter. they also have people from around the world like Poland and France.


Right now the only question I have is where does Alexander Hamilton come in and John Laurens and Mulligan and Layfette.

Colony Poster Reflection

Question: What did you learn from creating the poster and creating the colony

I learned from the poster that a colony is like what we have  today for example taxes and another example if many jobs that we still have today. And what I learned from the building the colony is that you should probaly work as team then as a lone wolf because it take a lot of time to do by yourself

Question: How does the poster connect with the colony


Because we were learning and doing the same thing by learning about this subject

Final Wonder Reflection

We finally finished wonder! It took a long time but we pushed through it. One thing I learned from this book is it doesn’t matter what someone else on the outside  maybe one day that person can change the world and be your best friend the inside of the person is what matters the most and you always have to stay true to yourself and maybe some day you can change the world too!

PRECEPT: Be true to yourself and be your self

Plant Blog Post #2

Plants blog post

For are manipulated we put it in a bag so it would have no air.


For the past week we have been noticing FLOWERS and  buds! For the first day we started getting buds and flowers the first day we got like a million buds in cell four.  We started to grow buds! It was so amazing. The next day everything was the same except cell two we got green leaves 7 of them. Do you know what amazed me the most? Well I couldn’t believe that it was still growing with absolutely NO AIR! Anyway we got 15 buds in one cell I mean that’s like amazing ! The day after in cell two we got green leaves 9 cm 19 buds for cell three we got green leaves 6cm 7 buds.

Our tallest one was 20 cm and over the week it have grew 2 cm and now it it is 22 cm, its leaves for the flower are falling off cause it has been pollinated and the other leaves just got bigger. Right now our buds are still in its coats.


They are bent so I can not see how tall it is.Its leaves are tiny. It has 1 bud or flower.It has 0 seed pods.



I think that maybe the seed pods will hatch.

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder 2

A precept is a rule about a really important thing. Instead of being a follower do what ever makes you feel  happy and be a leader. Right now i’m thinking that August is happy and a little mad he’s happy about school but he’s a little mad at his mom he doesn’t know why its really weird problaly when he got got to middle school he just got really weird.

Teatown Reflection

1.Teatown was a awesome place my favorite thing when we went there was when we were standing the at the sand box.

2. I learned that when it rains on the moutains and it comes down like a stream its called tributary also I learned that when…water comes down a stream it all fall to a bigger surface of water.

3. I think we should have added something like fishing so we could right down more stuff of like animals and plants so we would’ve caught like more fish and stuff.