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November 2019


Today, we continued work on our pendants.

Passion projects-2

Pitch: I am going to make a doc with a list of everyone in each noble house. It sounds easy, but all of the resources that I have seem to be just as confused as I am. So, list of… Continue Reading →

Passion projects-1

Passion: War of the Roses The War of the Roses was a VERY long, and confusing fight between the noble house of York and the noble house of Lancaster. It is called the war of the roses because each house… Continue Reading →

Atoms and The Universe: Insane size difference

An atom is Tiny. Like, if you were to blow up the Earth big enough to see all of the atoms, the atoms would be the size of a blueberry. The universe is impossibly big. It is ever expanding as… Continue Reading →

Breakout Edu

Yesterday, on November 14th, Mr.Calvert split our class in half and told us we were going to be unlocking three boxes. -One per team, and a tiny one on his desk- This “Breakout” type of challenge became very chaotic very… Continue Reading →

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