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I drew on my flashlight parts.

Plastic Problems

1. 40% of all plastic use comes from single use products 2. plastic gets into the ocean, and it makes sea animals sick 3.  There are three patches of plastic in the major oceans 4.  As far as we know,… Continue Reading →



Flashlight progress

My flashlight is going okay, and I’m nearly done.

Thai Soccer Team Rescue

Things that I know: 1. They were in there for TEN DAYS 2. The coach thought they were going to ride their bikes home 3. Someone’s rice field got destroyed

Switch Game

The switch game was AWESOME. We had to activate the switch that controls a light, and it was really confusing. But eh, I had fun.


Finished Switches!


Today we watched a video about metals. This way, we will know about how different metals behave when we have to solder them.

passion projects- 4

I finished! I have Everyone in each house that played a role, how it ended, and which kingdoms/noble owned lands supported who. This is my finished document. Sources: Ancient and Medieval History Daily Life Through History

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