Rube Goldberg #1 : brainstorming

When I first heard of the Rube Goldberg project I was really excited. My first blog is about the many decisions we had to make. Who to work with? What theme to pick and where to do the project?

I chose to do this project with my friends, Alexa and Maya. We made this decision at school when we first heard about this project. We talked about it at school but when we needed to get together it was hard to find a time that was good for all of us. Because of this Maya decided to do the project by herself. This was not an easy decision for anyone to make.

Whe then had to pick a place to work. We have decided to to work at Alexas house because she has all the tools and the space so we did not have to move the project. Her basement has many building supplies and she has a lot of cardboard which can help with the project. We can build the project in a place where we don’t have to take it down for a while.

For our project theme we picked Disney.  We picked Disney because we thought it would be cool to make all of the rides and use the Disney theme. We thought that we would make our project take place in the different Kingdoms. We decided our goal of the Rube Goldberg was to let a balloon with tinkerbell or mary poppins go up in the air.

At the start we decided to research and each think of 2 ideas/projects for our Rude Goldberg. I looked at many youtube videos and researched these websites and videos:

After my research I started to sketch my ideas. We agreed to both think and draw out 2 steps and get together on Saturday to work them out. My idea was to start at the wall and have a marble go down into a mountain like structure. I will tell you about the building in my next blog.

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