Rube Goldberg #4 : design struggles

During design process we had many good ideas, but not all of those ideas worked out when we started building. One example is when we build the pulley (the tower of terror) .When the weight in the bucket was to heavy the dominos could not hold down the string.  If the pulley weight was to light it will not make the books (fairytale forest) fall over. We had to try many different things, in the bucket and a ball attached instead of a bucket. We are still not happy with how it is going to we are working on this more this week.

We also had the idea to use fidget spinners and we were thinking maybe 3 of them next to each other but when we tried it wasn’t that easy. This is another thing we will work on this week.

Making the sketch was a sort of easy part, but putting all the steps together and making it work together was really hard. We also wanted it in a theme and it should look nice. That was not easy.

this is the photo of our pulley. As you can see there are no books up yet this photo was taken before that idea came to mind. We also changed the bucket (half a water bottle) to a tennis ball.

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