Rube Goldberg #5 :Trying till is works

A Rube Goldberg project takes lots of time and tries to make it work.  We tried many, many, many times.  Sometimes we had to change are whole plan!  Such as we started off with using a car to set off the Tower of Terror, but that was too heavy to be pushed off the string.  We tried 2 green blocks on the side with a green soft ball in the middle of the 2 blocks, and we put a magnitile in front of the ball to hold the string until it fell over.  This plan worked!  Another plan was that we changed the idea of using water and instead, we put a rail on the chair and then got a lego car and stuck a rubber ducky on top of in and let it go down to hit a tennis ball which then hit a fidget spinner to release the balloon with Mickey Mouse on it.  We tried our Rube Goldberg many times and each time it stopped working somewhere else.  Such as the marble would get stuck on the cardboard pipe tape or it would get stuck in the middle of the marble run.  After every try we had to take a good look at our project and change something to make it work better.  At our 25th try it finally worked!  We were so happy it did not get stuck and it did not stop – it all worked!   We were cheering and screaming so loud! The moms who were filming were so happy, they forgot to film the end!!  WE then had to do it all over one more time to get it all on video.

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