Rube Goldberg # 6 : materials we used

You have to try different materials to make a rube goldberg project.

For our first step we used lots of cardboard to make pipes on the wall. We taped this on the wall with blue tape. Our second step we used a marble and a marble run. Our third step we used a rail with a cardboard stop around it. We also used dominos, magnet tiles, a green and white ping pong ball, a soft green ball, two green blocks and another magnet tile. For our fourth step we used a string, cardboard, a long squier and blocks. For our fifth step we used tin gold fairytale books. For our sixth step we used two boxes, a chair, Mickey Mouse tape, a lego car, a rubber duck and a long orange rail. Our seventh step we used two cardboard pipes and more Mickey Mouse tape. Our last step we used a tennis ball, a red block, Mickey Mouse tape, a fidget spinner and a Mickey Mouse balloon.

We used mostly cardboard because we had a lot of that around the house. Most of the material were already in Alexa’s basement. The only thing we really bought was the Mickey Mouse tape and the Mickey mouse balloon. The materials we used were mostly reusable. We did not plan the materials we were gonna use. We tried different materials for our different steps.we kept on changing the materials and at one point in worked.

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