Preparing for Immigration Interview #1

I am interviewing my mom and I am very excited to do this interview about immigrants because it is a very serious topic. I think I will get lots of information out of the interview that I can use for different times in my life. My mom emigrated from Europe to America (New York) and I am interested to hear her story about how she came to America.

Here are tools that I will need for the interview:  my phone and charger to record the interview on, a notebook to take notes, a pen and pencil, my interview questions.

Preparing for the interview: I will read about the Netherlands at the time that my mom left in order to get more information about the culture of Holland because I think I need a foundation to start off my interview.

Schedule: I will be doing my interview on Sunday, April 7th, in the afternoon so that we can have time to talk about her experience.

I feel confident about this interview because I know a piece of my mom’s story of how she emigrated. I think it will go smoothly and well.

here is a link to my interview questions

Interview questions

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