reflection on whole project #5

The immigration project was awesome I learned so much about my mom immigrating to the us from Holland.  My favorite part of the project was doing the interview, I especially like this part because the learn the most information such as: why did you immigrate? or did you choose to immigrate somewhere else?  My least favorite part was writing all the notes I do not like this portion at all really, the reason for that is because in my opinion when the person who your interviewing talks very fast then it might struggle you with keeping up.

The thing that I like about spark video is that it is a very flexible website in other words it lets you do lots of things that you may not be able to do on other websites like we video, But on spark you can do things like pick themes, you can even not only do videos but you can also make menus, Instagram posts and much more!

A struggle for me was getting all my blog posts done in time or on the chosen due date but eventually I got all of it done in time.

I would like to thank my teacher and my mom for helping me with this project.








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