Capstone blog #1 choosing topic

My class was assigned to do a project on our passion, or something we would like to learn about. It is called “Capstone.”  We do this project on our computers and present a slide show at the end of the year. We have two months to complete the project. In addition, we also have to do 7 blog posts; and we have to make charts on our topic. It’s kind of like an idea chart. We do topics such as history, technology, culture, and many more.

For my topic I chose to do it about being a veterinary surgeon. I chose this topic because I would like to become a veterinary surgeon when I am older. It was hard to make the choice because I had two choices at the beginning. The two choices were either about the history of Starbucks, and the other about just regular veterinarians. Starbucks was one of my topics because I love Starbucks and I knew a lot about it.  My favorite categories in the idea chart were history, technology and math. I like these because almost all of them are my favorite subjects and they teach me the most. We made these idea charts as an exercise for us to try to narrow down our topics and show us how much we knew about the topics. It was really, really hard to make the choice because I wanted to do vets in general, but I couldn’t. It was either emergency veterinarians or veterinary surgery and it was crazy hard to make the choice. I narrowed it down to being an emergency veterinarian or a veterinary surgeon. I made an “idea chart” of all the things that I already knew about vets and I noticed that most of my information was about vet surgery so I decided to do my project on veterinary surgery.

Some of the questions, ideas or facts that were on my “idea chart” were 1) “what is the average number of of sick animals that come in each day,” and 2) “how are the materials that they use in surgery is made”.  My favorite question that I asked myself was: “how different are the surgeries in the “olden days” than the ones now?”  This was my favorite question because I thought that it would give me the most information.


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