How I transferred energy this weekend

This weekend I have done a lot of things such as go on the treadmill and peloton. These both have some kind of energy in this case, both are mechanical and kinetic energy. This transferred energy because when you plug in the treadmill or peloton energy is transferred from the outlet to the machinery. Another way I transferred energy this weekend was that I charged my phone, this is transferring energy because when you plug in your phone the wire sends a signal to the outlet to start charging the phone. A final way I transferred energy this weekend is that I turned on the stove to make pasta this is a form of thermal energy and It transverse energy because when you turn on the stove the fire comes up and transverse the energy from the stove to the pot.

What is energy?

When you think of energy you would usually think of the lights, right? Energy is the ability to work.

There are many types of energy such as potential and kinetic energy, these are the most popular or important types of energy because they have a big impact on a lot of things. Potential energy is the energy of things stored in a object, on the other hand kinetic energy is the energy of moving objects. But potential and kinetic energies are not the only ones there are also energy’s such as elastic energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy and many more.

We get our energy from the sun, from fuels and movement. There is both renewable and non renewable energy sources. The renewable ones we always have more off, like sun and wind. The non renewable might run out one day, like gas, oil and nuclear energy.

In conclusion, Energy is everywhere and we should never take it for granite.