final project #6

For the final product of my project about vet surgery, I have to record and present to the school and to my parents.  The most important thing about the final product of Capstone is memorizing. I think that this is the hardest part of the project.  I think this because you have to memorize your whole project, and it is very hard to memorize everything about the project. For example, it was very hard to memorize my new words whenever my teacher and I changed the script. This was hard because I had to memorize it in a very short time period.  There was a solution to all this trouble with memorizing. You either say it over and over, but at school, all of us grabbed an index card and wrote down the key components of each slide. This helped so that we would remember just one word from each slide and we would then remember our script. Sometimes you would stumble even with the index cards.  The hardest thing however, was that we could not bring the index cards up on stage with us when we were saying our script. This was even harder than what I said before.

Some of the good things about the final project are seeing your friends perform and being able to get some really good feedback.  I like this because both my teacher and my classmates can give me tips to make my project better I also like presenting I like this because my are always believing in me whenever I do my capstone in front of the class.

In conclusion, I had a lot of fun doing this project and I thought that it was very inspiring to learn more about vet surgery.  I also thought it was fun to see all my classmates doing their project as well!


The visit #4

For my site visit, as you guys will probably know from my 3rd blog post, “difficulties #3”  I went to the vet hospital where I interviewed Dr. Nance and she showed me two surgeries of dog spay and neuter.  THe vet hospital is called the GUiding Eye Center and they specialize in guiding eye dogs for the blind. We took lots of photos and asked her questions like “why did you want to become a Veterinary surgeon?” and “how many years you have to be in training to become a Veterinary surgeon?” My favorite part of my site visit was seeing all the dogs and seeing Dr. Nance do a dog spay.

The dog spay was very interesting and we had to wear face masks and caps to make sure we didn’t breathe or get anything on the dog.  We weren’t allowed to touch anything so we just took photos and looked at the amazing sight. There were three of dogs that were about to get surgery. There adopters or owners were there too.

Dr. Nance was not a specialized Veterinary surgeon; she had a general surgeon degree.  General surgery requires 4 years of bachelors school and 4 years of vet school. To be a board certified vet specialist, the doctor needs to go back to school for another year, then intern for a few years in their area of specialty.

Dr. Nance has been working as a vet for 17 years. She started her career as a vet in farm and large animals, like cows, sheep, and goats.  Now, she only sees “guided dogs” which are usually shepherds and labradors.

The surgery rooms were fairly small and I was very surprised about the size of the vet hospital.  Also, they 2 cats walking around the hospital. One was called ‘Gomez.”

Overall, I had a very good site visit, I learned a lot.  I want to thank Dr. Nance and all the dogs and doctors at the Guiding Eye Center.

Difficulties #3

I know this blog post is supposed to be about my interview, but instead it is going to be about how hard it was to schedule my interview.

It all started when my mom asked a friend if she knew a vet. She did and gave my mom the email address of Dr. Nance.  I emailed Dr. Marla Nance on May 17, 2019 to ask her for an interview. She emailed back saying, “Yes, I would be willing to help you and do your interview on Capstone.”

Then we waited and waited and she still had not emailed back and it was getting close to the due date of Wednesday May 29, 2019. We have emailed her 5 times and still have heard nothing back. My mom also called her. So, my mom and I decided to go to find a new vet surgeon to interview.  We went to my dogs vet, Lisa Hodes, also known as Dr. Hodes. We emailed Dr. Hodes and said this: “Dear Dr. Hodes, I have a project called Capstone and it is on vet surgery for my school project. I need an interview with a vet and I was wondering if I could interview you. If you agree to the interview, you can email us back. Thanks Stella.”  We are still waiting for an answer.

Update May 28:

At 5 pm, Ms. Edwards called with the name and number of her vet, Dr Zuckerman.

My mom was about to call him when she saw Dr. Nance emailed back! We are going to see 2 surgeries and do the interview on May 29 at 9.30am..

Update May 29:

We went to see Dr. Nance.  She showed us around the hospital and she let us see a dog spay! The hospital was super fun and we had lots of questions. My favorite part was seeing all the dogs at the hospital and seeing Dr. Nance do her dog spay.

For the interview, I asked Dr. Nance questions like: “Why did you want to become a veterinarian surgeon? And What sort of professional development do you need to do to maintain your license as a veterinary surgeon?” My mom recorded it on voice memos and we got lots of good and interesting answers from this interview.


Capstone blog #1 choosing topic

My class was assigned to do a project on our passion, or something we would like to learn about. It is called “Capstone.”  We do this project on our computers and present a slide show at the end of the year. We have two months to complete the project. In addition, we also have to do 7 blog posts; and we have to make charts on our topic. It’s kind of like an idea chart. We do topics such as history, technology, culture, and many more.

For my topic I chose to do it about being a veterinary surgeon. I chose this topic because I would like to become a veterinary surgeon when I am older. It was hard to make the choice because I had two choices at the beginning. The two choices were either about the history of Starbucks, and the other about just regular veterinarians. Starbucks was one of my topics because I love Starbucks and I knew a lot about it.  My favorite categories in the idea chart were history, technology and math. I like these because almost all of them are my favorite subjects and they teach me the most. We made these idea charts as an exercise for us to try to narrow down our topics and show us how much we knew about the topics. It was really, really hard to make the choice because I wanted to do vets in general, but I couldn’t. It was either emergency veterinarians or veterinary surgery and it was crazy hard to make the choice. I narrowed it down to being an emergency veterinarian or a veterinary surgeon. I made an “idea chart” of all the things that I already knew about vets and I noticed that most of my information was about vet surgery so I decided to do my project on veterinary surgery.

Some of the questions, ideas or facts that were on my “idea chart” were 1) “what is the average number of of sick animals that come in each day,” and 2) “how are the materials that they use in surgery is made”.  My favorite question that I asked myself was: “how different are the surgeries in the “olden days” than the ones now?”  This was my favorite question because I thought that it would give me the most information.


My spark video #4

For my spark video on immigration, I will be interviewing Charlotte Vermeer ( my mom). She had a very different experience than the people did who were on the boat to Ellis Island. She boarded onto a plane at KLM instead of boarding or getting onto a small boat. Her experience was in a more modern time than in the olden times. She felt excited but she also felt sad to leave her childhood home and all her friends and family. She was excited to see her new house in Scarsdale but sad to leave her old one in Holland. I had fun working on the Spark video.

reflection on whole project #5

The immigration project was awesome I learned so much about my mom immigrating to the us from Holland.  My favorite part of the project was doing the interview, I especially like this part because the learn the most information such as: why did you immigrate? or did you choose to immigrate somewhere else?  My least favorite part was writing all the notes I do not like this portion at all really, the reason for that is because in my opinion when the person who your interviewing talks very fast then it might struggle you with keeping up.

The thing that I like about spark video is that it is a very flexible website in other words it lets you do lots of things that you may not be able to do on other websites like we video, But on spark you can do things like pick themes, you can even not only do videos but you can also make menus, Instagram posts and much more!

A struggle for me was getting all my blog posts done in time or on the chosen due date but eventually I got all of it done in time.

I would like to thank my teacher and my mom for helping me with this project.








The interview #2

My interview gave me lots of information from the interview I learned lots about her experience.  My favorite part of the interview was asking the Questions and listening to the descriptive answers but the part that was not my favorite or the thing that I did not enjoy that much was taking notes I did not enjoy this portion of the interview as much as I did with the other parts is because in my opinion taking notes slows we down and I would like to get all the information as I can.  I loved doing this interview I learned that it was a very interesting experience being a immigrant.



preparing for the spark video #3

For my spark video I will have to prepare, I will need backup ideas just incase one idea does not work out. I will also need an outline of the design, in the out line there will be my photos and quotes I will be putting in my video.  My video is going to be about the experience of my mom when she immigrated.  Spark video is a resource that you put in the design and the website makes the video for you.  I will be inserting the questions and answers of my interview into the spark video.  Also in spark video I will also be inserting photos and videos from Holland.  In the spark video you can insert a post it is a customized advantage of adobe spark, I like this part because you can make the post whatever you want and be as creative with it as you can.  that is not the only thing you can do you can also you can make menus, comic strips and even magazines I am really excited to do my spark video!

Preparing for Immigration Interview #1

I am interviewing my mom and I am very excited to do this interview about immigrants because it is a very serious topic. I think I will get lots of information out of the interview that I can use for different times in my life. My mom emigrated from Europe to America (New York) and I am interested to hear her story about how she came to America.

Here are tools that I will need for the interview:  my phone and charger to record the interview on, a notebook to take notes, a pen and pencil, my interview questions.

Preparing for the interview: I will read about the Netherlands at the time that my mom left in order to get more information about the culture of Holland because I think I need a foundation to start off my interview.

Schedule: I will be doing my interview on Sunday, April 7th, in the afternoon so that we can have time to talk about her experience.

I feel confident about this interview because I know a piece of my mom’s story of how she emigrated. I think it will go smoothly and well.

here is a link to my interview questions

Interview questions

Rube Goldberg # 6 : materials we used

You have to try different materials to make a rube goldberg project.

For our first step we used lots of cardboard to make pipes on the wall. We taped this on the wall with blue tape. Our second step we used a marble and a marble run. Our third step we used a rail with a cardboard stop around it. We also used dominos, magnet tiles, a green and white ping pong ball, a soft green ball, two green blocks and another magnet tile. For our fourth step we used a string, cardboard, a long squier and blocks. For our fifth step we used tin gold fairytale books. For our sixth step we used two boxes, a chair, Mickey Mouse tape, a lego car, a rubber duck and a long orange rail. Our seventh step we used two cardboard pipes and more Mickey Mouse tape. Our last step we used a tennis ball, a red block, Mickey Mouse tape, a fidget spinner and a Mickey Mouse balloon.

We used mostly cardboard because we had a lot of that around the house. Most of the material were already in Alexa’s basement. The only thing we really bought was the Mickey Mouse tape and the Mickey mouse balloon. The materials we used were mostly reusable. We did not plan the materials we were gonna use. We tried different materials for our different steps.we kept on changing the materials and at one point in worked.