Bye Bye Plastic Bags

In the book, One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul Grandmother and Isatou tries to stop the plastic bag problem by making the plastic bags into purses. Also the purses were very helpful to Isatou, her friends, and especially grandma.

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We also watched a “Ted Talk,” it was about getting rid of plastic bags. There were two sisters, one named Isabel Wijsen and one named Melati Wijsen. They made a whole team. This shows that we have to save plastic bags and be more careful because that will make the Earth more safe from plastic bags.


Differences and similararities Winn-Dixie book and movie

I compared the movie and the book, these are the differences and similarities I found: 

Differences book and movie

  • In the book Winn-Dixie, Winn-Dixie comes out from under the chair instead of from outside.
  • In the book Winn-Dixie, the preacher comes to the party earlier than he does in the movie.
  • Gloria Dump is more witchy in the movie than in the book.

Similarities book and movie

  • In both the book and the movie, they have a party.
  • In both the movie and the book, Opal gives Winn-Dixie a bath.
  • In both the movie and the book, Winn-Dixie finds a mouse.

I liked the movie better then the book because I could see all their actions and I had a better picture in my head about each character. I did like reading the book first, it made me really looking forward to the movie. After reading the book, I had a different picture in my head then after I watched the movie.