Rocketry Presentation Reflection

I think rocketry was a amazing experience but my group had a hard time agreeing. we named our first Rocket Norbert the rocket (Stella named that Rocket) , our second rocket was named faze (PJ made that rockets name)  and the last was called bob 5 ( Steven thought of that rockets name) The engineering and design process was extraordinary. My favorite part was the second launch because it was much better than the first and the rocket went much higher  and we got to graph our Rocket I am very thankful than I got to experience this Unit


This is my rocketry presentation

this is my video


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Bye Bye Plastic Bags

In the book, One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul Grandmother and Isatou tries to stop the plastic bag problem by making the plastic bags into purses. Also the purses were very helpful to Isatou, her friends, and especially grandma.

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We also watched a “Ted Talk,” it was about getting rid of plastic bags. There were two sisters, one named Isabel Wijsen and one named Melati Wijsen. They made a whole team. This shows that we have to save plastic bags and be more careful because that will make the Earth more safe from plastic bags.