Swift Playgrounds

My code for a level in swif playgrounds was solveStair()

I had to fix the solve stair bug because I messed up the code for it.

Music Video Review

After watching many of my classmates music videos on scratch, I liked Eli’s video because it was very creative. The animation was fun to watch because of the random boy dancing and the ending. I liked how he used a real song and I think he composed it in scratch which is really cool.

Code Stars Reflection

The video code stars is overall very inspirational. My personal experiences with coding are definitely rough, but I in fact think it changed my perspective on the world of code. I found it amazing how anyone can code. I mean the fact that basically all you need to know is simple math, reading, and writing is not what I thought. The one job work space seemed welcoming to anyone.

Technology Class

Today was the last technology class with Mr. Calvert. This quarter was really fun. Here are some of the most fun things/things I learned this quarter.

In the beginning we learned all about atoms. We learned that no living thing can possibly see one. We learned about the positive neutrons and the negative ones.

It was really fun when I got to make my own pendant for a necklace. I got to use something I’ve never even heard of called a soldering iron. It was boiling hot and scared me but it was really cool getting to use it.

I also learned about circuits which use atoms and I even got to make a flashlight and make a circuit to make it work. I also got to drill holes and use a saw and cut pipe. This project was the most fun!


It is a dark room with no light, someone lights a candle to brighten the scene. Generations later you just flip a switch to power a light bulb. What is making this work? Well inside a lightbulb is a bunch of wires and batteries making something called a circuit. The main parts of a circuit are positive and negative wires, a light bulb, a switch and a battery.

A circuit works because when it is closed the atoms flow from the battery through the wire through the lightbulb to turn it on.

Circuits go inside of things like a flashlight to turn them on.

Homemade Jewelry Part #6 Soldering

Now I had all my pieces! Time for the final step… soldering!!! A soldering iron is a very hot tool used to bing things together with a metal called solder. When the hot iron touches solder it instantly melts. I was soldering all my pieces to create a pendant for my choker. First I touched the iron and solder to the part of the circle I wanted to close. I held it there for like two or three seconds. Now all I had to do was this process to all the parts I wanted to bind together.

Solder doesn’t come out very smooth, so after a few minutes of it drying I had to file the bumps down in order to have a flat pendant. The tool I used to do this was sand paper. I took the sand paper and rubbed hard on the intended areas. Now that it was nice and smooth there was still solder on the internal part of the pendant. To do this I used a metal file, kind of like a nail file for metal. The metal file is long, skinny, and rough, so I used it to get the solder out of the middle.

Finally my pendant was finished, so I got a piece of black string and threaded it through. Now I had a stylish choker.

Homemade Jewelry Part #5 Shaping the rest of the wires

Now I had my circle so I could start shaping the wires against the circle. To make strait wires I took the pliers with a flat surface and grabbed one on each side of the wire and pulled until the line was strait. I used this strategy to make the arms of my avocado man. Now the avocado shape was very difficult to make because it’s not a normal oval. When I made my adjustments to the oval with the normal pliers and the flat surfaced one it ended up taking me more than one class to do. The pit of the avocado is just a simple oval so I took the circle making pliers to round my wire and it only took a few minutes. Lastly when making the little circle to thread the string through all I had to do was use the circle making plier on the smallest part. Now that I had all my pieces it was time to solder.

Homemade Jewelry Part #4 Shaping the circular wire

Welcome back to my blog!

This step was hard and took more than one class. Earlier I said that we printed out our design, now we got to use it as a template. There were two types of wires, a thick copper one and a thin silver one. You could choose both or one or the other. I chose the copper for my circle and silver for the avocado. It was really hard to shape the copper wire because it is so thick. At our table we had one inch wooden cylinders to wrap the wire around to create a circle. This sort of failed for me! When I laid out my circle onto my template it was way to big. Thankfully Mr. Calvert was there to help and I got to shape my circle with a special tool called a man-drill. It is a heavy pole that gets thicker and thicker. Toards the end of the pole there is a one inch measurement. We used that. Eventually I had a perfect circle!