I want a pool


I have noticed that I have nothing to do at my house. I want a pool at my house because it will give me something to do. I will swim instead of going on my I pad. Other times I get into an argument with my brother. I could be swimming with Nash by now and we wouldn’t be arguing. I really think I should get a pool to swim in.

I really believe if I get a pool my mood would be better.  When I  go on vacations in the south every February,  I ask my dad to rent a house with a pool. When that happens I am so happy because  I’m swimming in the pool.When I’m happy don’t fight as much with brother. Don’t you like it when Nash and I are NOT fighting?   I also think I should get a deep pool because I like deep pools more than shallow ones. If you get a pool it will give me something to do and I’ll be more positive.

I think I should have a indoor pool because if I had an outdoor pool I can’t go in the pool if it’s winter. I will swim in it every day. It will also keep me healthy and I will become stronger.  Isn’t it important to be healthy? Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. I hope you understand so far my reasons for wanting a pool.

More importantly, I would have more time to spend with you. I like spending time with you and I never have time to do that. I could also  invite my friends over to swim. This will also make me have better friendships.

Clearly, I want to get a pool to swim in because I can have more fun, be healthy, and spend time with family and friends.  I’m never happy because I want  to swim. Lastly, I could practice my swimming so I could get better at swimming. I bet you will get a pool at some point so I could have more fun and we can all be a happy, healthy family. Now let’s go swimming!

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