Ocean Food Web

This is my ocean food web. This exquisite place covers most of earth. In this ocean ecosystem, Living things will interact with each other. This will include, the sun, kelp, fish, manatees, sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, and marine worms.

Producer: Living things that produce their own food.

Herbivore: Animals that only eat plants.

Omnivore: Animals that eat meat and plants.

Carnivore: Animals that only eat meat.

Decomposer: Animals that decompose dead things.


4 Thoughts.

  1. Dear Shea
    I LOVE how you made a list of the producers consumers and decomposers so it was easier for me to understand. I also like the fact that you didn’t use boring words like good you used the word exquisite. Your web would be even better if you put arrows in step of lines. Also I have a question:
    If nothing eats a shark how does it die
    – Lucy

  2. Dear Shea,

    I really liked your ecosystem/food web post! I loved how you explained it and I liked how you made different sections of the what a consumer and decomposer and that made it easier to understand! :D:P:I

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