Reading Non-fiction with 4B and Mr. DeBerry

In my lessons with 4B and Mr. DeBerry we learned about reading skills. We made weather slides and we switched weather topics after we finished one. But before that time we learned about the reading skills. One skill was how to summarize the text. We also used boxes and bullets to help before we wrote the paragraph on our non-fiction reading. We got sheets to glue into our notebooks. They were supposed to help us. ( And they did.) Our teams were mixed with both classes. ( 4A and 4B.) My team was Heather, Rory, Hana, Lucy, Max, Daniel, Hiroki and me. When we researched our weather topics we had partners.( Which i don’t like working in groups but we had to so I did and I liked it.) Daniel was my partner.

My class is 4A and those people are Heather, Hiroki, LUcy, And me. The rest was 4B. When we summarize the text we use compare contrast, sequential, and cause and effect. We can also use boxes and bullets.

When we were  reading non-fiction we had a log and every time we read we had to read non-fiction!( And to make it even worse we had to log every time  we read our non-fiction.) Everyday we got better at our reading skills. 3-5 times a week we had lessons on different reading skills. ( Sometimes twice a day.) One day Mr. Deberry read some books to us and we had to tell him the structure of each of them.( They all had different 

structures.) Sometimes Mr. Deberry made us read our non-fiction fiction books and then summarize the book and write a page or two about it.( He made it long so my hand hurt.) Once we had to draw a triangle and write our sources on how we got our research.( It was our homework for one day.)  Below is my flipgrid                   


                                        And below these words is my weather slide.( You should check it out.)

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