Unadoptable Rescue Dog makes history as the first deaf member of Washington’s K-9 Unit

Unadoptable Rescue Dog Makes History as the first Deaf Member of Washington’s K-9 Unit

By Meera Dolasia

Ghost, the first deaf K-9 dog (Photo Credit: Washington State Department of Corrections)

Ghost is a pit bull mix with white fur, and is known as the first deaf member to join  Washington’s K-9 Unit. Maybe, he made history for the country! What makes this even more astonishing, is that Ghost was marked unadoptable and scheduled to be euthanized. This achievement was huge for Ghost.

The pups astounding progress started in september 2015. The stray puppy was brought to the Swamp Haven Rescue Center in St. Augustine, Florida. Because of his high energy level, occasional indifference to humans, and deafness, required adopters to learn a whole new way to communicate which forced him to be on the unadoptable list. This would mean that the puppy would soon have to be put down.

But Swamp Haven Rescue Center volunteers were nowhere near to giving up on Ghost. They went out to other animal shelters across the country for help. Luckily, the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Port Angela agreed to take in the adorable pup. They gave Ghost a new lease on life. A little bit after Ghost mist out on many adoptions, the animal shelter reached out to Barb Davenport, a K-9 program manager for Washington state. The expert, who had trainer over 450 rescue dogs, searched for drugs since the 1980’s thought that Ghost was the perfect candidate for the job. Barb Davenport said that “He was very focused and determined to locate his ball when thrown or hidden. This makes for a more trainable dog. Even his high energy level was important in his life. Then Ghost began his job.  

Personal Response: I choose this article because I really love dogs. I am getting one really soon. It will be a husky. The dog in the article made history.

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  1. I liked how you said the whole story bit by bit, great job. I could really zone in and feel like I was in the story. I was also able to feel how Ghost felt, which helped me understand the story a lot better. The article was really interesting, keep up the good work.

    – Heather

  2. Dear Shea,
    I like how you used your own words and gave credit for your photo. I think that is important. From,

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