Personal Essay-Shea

          Is Christmas your favorite holiday? Are you christian? Because Christmas is my favorite holiday. I am also Christian. I love to speed down the stairs and rip open my presents in the morning. I love to hang  the shiny ornaments onto the Christmas tree with my family. I love to listen to jolly Christmas sounds like jingle bells and many other songs. I love to stay up really late. I love spending time with my relatives throughout Christmas break. I love it when it is Christmas day. It is so cold but jolly.

          The first reason why Christmas is my favorite holiday is because I love to wake up, and dash down stairs to open my presents. But I have to wait for the rest of my family to wake up and come with me. Last Christmas, I got a new 3DS XL. I played on it for a while after I finished opening my presents. After I was done, I had a lot of presents to play with. ( And a lot of money to spend.) Also, my dad said “It’s great that you like all the present your cousins and I got you.” I also loved to watch my cousins open their presents. Some of the older ones got the Iphone X, which is a rip off. I watched my cousins lily,( A puppy) try to open one of her presents, but my cousin had to help her. It was really cute. It was her first Christmas.

          The second reason that Christmas is my favorite holiday is because I get to hang ornaments on the Christmas tree with my family. We usually hang the ornaments really late and put on some jolly traditional Christmas music. I love to hang the ornaments with tubes we have. We have many different colors of ornaments. We have an ornament of me in 2009. I was only one year old. We have a welfleet ornament of 2014. We have letter ornaments for all the first letter of my family’s names. S, N, C, and A. Last Christmas I didn’t hang many ornaments because my dad did them while I was at school. Hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree is fun.

         The last and most important reason that why Christmas is my favorite holiday is because I get to spend time with my family and cousins. I love to go out for lunch with my cousins. I went to a place called the snug For Christmas I always go to my cousins house in Massachusetts. We stay there for a week and we have a lot of fun. I usually open my presents at my house then go, but last Christmas I went a day early and opened my presents at their house. So our Christmas tree never had presents under it. I had so much fun during the week I was there at Christmas break. On our way back we dropped off one of our cousins to college and then went home.

        Christmas is my favorite holiday. That will never change. Christmas is really awesome. We even get a whole week and four days off of school! There is so much to do in that time, and I always use my new presents.(Especially if I got something like a PS4 or a 3DS.   My uncle said that “Thanksgiving is better than Christmas.” But in my opinion Christmas is the best holiday there is!


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  1. Shea, I am so proud of your essay! I LOVED it. Christmas is a special holiday for me, too. I also love how you used paragraphing and quotes. The quotes really made your essay more interesting. Nice work!

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