Protecting Pandas (Time For Kids)

A few than 1800 pandas live in the wild. But panda experts from Chengdu Panda Base are working very hard to increase that small population every day. They are introducing captive-born pandas into the wild.

Qian Qian ( pronounced chen chen), is a young giant panda that was born in captivity. She stars in the IMAX documentary Pandas. The film follows Qian Qian as she prepares to leave the panda base and be free out into the wild world.

Most wild pandas live in the steep mountains of western China. So this means  Qian Qian must learn how to survive in this difficult habitat. The film shows how the panda experts help the cute little cub find her wild side.

Drew Fellman told TFK “It is very difficult to take pictures up in these mountains.” Drew and his club had to go fast to keep up with Qian Qian to keep him safe. Drew says ” they look lazy and silly” but “they move pretty fast.”  Narrated by Kristen Bell, the film is playing in select IMAX theaters.

Photo Credit: Drew Fellman

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