Banana Plant Extract May Be The Key To Slower Melting Ice Cream

Everyone enjoys a nice cup or cone of ice cream an a scorching hot day. But what spoils the fun, is that you end up with a sticky, melted, mess. But Colombia’s Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana has found an unusual solution to this problem. They are using cellulose fiber extracted from banana plant waste to help your ice cream not melt into pudding.

Bananas, as you probably know,grow in bunches on trees called perennial herb. Each little piece is attached to a stalk in the center of the plant. That stalk is called a rachis. The team trying to make your ice cream not melt, extracted cellos nano-fibrils (CNFs) from the rachis. Then, micro fibers were added into 100 grams of ice cream mix.

After the CNFs were mixed in on a test, the ice cream staying it it’s frozen state for longer than normal. People predicted that CNFs could make ice cream more healthy.

Then they wanted to try if coconut oil would change or react to the CNFs.

Not only did the CNFs help, a protein called BSIA(Bacterial Surface Layer A) also helped the ice cream stay in it’s frozen state for longer.

Yay! Our ice cream wont melt! We can eat and lick with out a sticky mess of cold cream.

Whats your favorite ice cream flavor? Comment down below and let me know.

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  1. Dear Shea,
    I think it is cool that there is a long lasting ice-cream. I liked your flip-grid. My favorite ice-cream flavors are banana and strawberry (together)

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