Protecting Pandas (Time For Kids)

A few than 1800 pandas live in the wild. But panda experts from Chengdu Panda Base are working very hard to increase that small population every day. They are introducing captive-born pandas into the wild.

Qian Qian ( pronounced chen chen), is a young giant panda that was born in captivity. She stars in the IMAX documentary Pandas. The film follows Qian Qian as she prepares to leave the panda base and be free out into the wild world.

Most wild pandas live in the steep mountains of western China. So this means  Qian Qian must learn how to survive in this difficult habitat. The film shows how the panda experts help the cute little cub find her wild side.

Drew Fellman told TFK “It is very difficult to take pictures up in these mountains.” Drew and his club had to go fast to keep up with Qian Qian to keep him safe. Drew says ” they look lazy and silly” but “they move pretty fast.”  Narrated by Kristen Bell, the film is playing in select IMAX theaters.

Photo Credit: Drew Fellman

Happy Friday the 13th!

This is going to be a short blog post. But as you red from the title, it is Friday the 13th. I just wanted to say happy Friday the 13th😇.

Friday is the best day ever! after school it is the weekend. You run outside. If it is hot like it was today where I live, the ice cream truck will come. We all scream for ice cream!

And later that night, you have a sleep over. Even better, you can arrange a double sleep over and have two in a row. I haven’t done that yet but I am planning to.

Again, Happy Friday The 13th!


Philadelphia zoo gorilla walks upright to keep his food and hands clean

Philadelphia zoo gorilla walks upright to keep his food and hands clean

Almost all gorilla’s stand on their knuckles and feet and sometimes will stand just on their feet for only a step or two, this gorilla, Louis did not. Louis is a sixteen year old gorilla and he likes to take longer strolls.

Louis often stands on two feet when the ground is wet or he is holing some fruit. Louis is six-feet tall and four hundred fifty pounds. A 2015 blog by the great ape’s keeper, “When caught out in a rainstorm, he’ll run rapidly across the yard to seek cover, and when he accidentally steps in mud, he’ll find a leaf or a paper bag and wipe his hand or foot off until they are clean again.”

Louis is six-feet tall and four hundred fifty pounds

Check out my FlipGrid

Louis the gorilla likes to walk on his two feet when given snacks (Photo Credit Philadelphia Zoo)

Unadoptable Rescue Dog makes history as the first deaf member of Washington’s K-9 Unit

Unadoptable Rescue Dog Makes History as the first Deaf Member of Washington’s K-9 Unit

By Meera Dolasia

Ghost, the first deaf K-9 dog (Photo Credit: Washington State Department of Corrections)

Ghost is a pit bull mix with white fur, and is known as the first deaf member to join  Washington’s K-9 Unit. Maybe, he made history for the country! What makes this even more astonishing, is that Ghost was marked unadoptable and scheduled to be euthanized. This achievement was huge for Ghost.

The pups astounding progress started in september 2015. The stray puppy was brought to the Swamp Haven Rescue Center in St. Augustine, Florida. Because of his high energy level, occasional indifference to humans, and deafness, required adopters to learn a whole new way to communicate which forced him to be on the unadoptable list. This would mean that the puppy would soon have to be put down.

But Swamp Haven Rescue Center volunteers were nowhere near to giving up on Ghost. They went out to other animal shelters across the country for help. Luckily, the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Port Angela agreed to take in the adorable pup. They gave Ghost a new lease on life. A little bit after Ghost mist out on many adoptions, the animal shelter reached out to Barb Davenport, a K-9 program manager for Washington state. The expert, who had trainer over 450 rescue dogs, searched for drugs since the 1980’s thought that Ghost was the perfect candidate for the job. Barb Davenport said that “He was very focused and determined to locate his ball when thrown or hidden. This makes for a more trainable dog. Even his high energy level was important in his life. Then Ghost began his job.  

Personal Response: I choose this article because I really love dogs. I am getting one really soon. It will be a husky. The dog in the article made history.

Tweet: Amazing! Ghost is the first deaf member of Washington’s K-9 Unit and makes history! #foxmeadowpride @dogonews


                     Flip grid 

Twitter 4A





Nintendo Switch

Hello! Today I will be talking about my nintendo switch and two of Nintendo’s franchises.


I am so excited! For the switch, some amazing games have been exposed for 2018! They are Kirby star allies and Metroid Prime 4! There are also rumors for pokemon switch. Also rumors for super smash bros for the Nintendo Switch and Yoshi. I can’t wait! This could be Nintendo’s best year!


Kirby star allies is coming march 16th! I am totally getting it because it is a four player game and you can bond with creatures so they can they can be your team members! I am a big fan of the kirby series. Kirby’s first game was 1992! That was 26 years ago! That means it is was recently Kirby’s 25th anniversary! I am happy Nintendo released Kirby 26 years ago.


Metroid is a great franchise. It has first person shooters and 2D gameplay. In the first two games you are supposed to beat mother brain and after that Samus Aran the main  character tells you a big history thing for the intro of the third game Super Metroid. Bye the way, these are really old games because metroid first came out in 1986. But this year, Metroid prime 4 is coming to the switch.



Reading Non-fiction with 4B and Mr. DeBerry

In my lessons with 4B and Mr. DeBerry we learned about reading skills. We made weather slides and we switched weather topics after we finished one. But before that time we learned about the reading skills. One skill was how to summarize the text. We also used boxes and bullets to help before we wrote the paragraph on our non-fiction reading. We got sheets to glue into our notebooks. They were supposed to help us. ( And they did.) Our teams were mixed with both classes. ( 4A and 4B.) My team was Heather, Rory, Hana, Lucy, Max, Daniel, Hiroki and me. When we researched our weather topics we had partners.( Which i don’t like working in groups but we had to so I did and I liked it.) Daniel was my partner.

My class is 4A and those people are Heather, Hiroki, LUcy, And me. The rest was 4B. When we summarize the text we use compare contrast, sequential, and cause and effect. We can also use boxes and bullets.

When we were  reading non-fiction we had a log and every time we read we had to read non-fiction!( And to make it even worse we had to log every time  we read our non-fiction.) Everyday we got better at our reading skills. 3-5 times a week we had lessons on different reading skills. ( Sometimes twice a day.) One day Mr. Deberry read some books to us and we had to tell him the structure of each of them.( They all had different 

structures.) Sometimes Mr. Deberry made us read our non-fiction fiction books and then summarize the book and write a page or two about it.( He made it long so my hand hurt.) Once we had to draw a triangle and write our sources on how we got our research.( It was our homework for one day.)  Below is my flipgrid                   


                                        And below these words is my weather slide.( You should check it out.)

Ocean Food Web

This is my ocean food web. This exquisite place covers most of earth. In this ocean ecosystem, Living things will interact with each other. This will include, the sun, kelp, fish, manatees, sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, and marine worms.

Producer: Living things that produce their own food.

Herbivore: Animals that only eat plants.

Omnivore: Animals that eat meat and plants.

Carnivore: Animals that only eat meat.

Decomposer: Animals that decompose dead things.


Vasco Nunez de Balboa

Vasco Nunez de Balboa was the first european to see the pacific ocean. Balboa was born in 1475 and lived to 1519. Balboa was born in the city of Jerez de los Caballeros. Not much is known about his early life. His voyage to the new world (North America) was in 1501. Balboa sailed on a ship called Rodrigo de Bastidas. Bastidas took the people on the ship to present day Colombia. At Colombia, the crew explored the coast. Balboa landed in Hispaniola which is now Haiti Dominican Republic. His job was to be a farmer, but in 1510 his farm failed and he was in debt. Legend says, Balboa stowed away on a ship to not pay the debts. That ship’s captain was Martin Fernandez de Enciso. Balboa was a brave and ruthless explorer. He is remembered for his trips to the most feared  jungles in the world at that time but, the important thing about Balboa is that he was the first european to see the pacific ocean.  

Cites and sources.

Biography for Beginners Online.

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I am back to blog

Hi I am back to blog post. I live with my parents and my twin brother. I will be posting about Pokemon, Roblox/ Video games, and Pokemon Tournaments DX/ My Nintendo Switch. I hope you like my new posts!I just had a sleepover with my friend Oscar. He came to my house and we played on my Nintendo Switch. We only played Splatoon 2 and Pokemon Tournaments DX. First we played Splatoon 2 and we each played once. I played and i got the orange ink team. The orange team has fire powers and orange ink powers. I like orange team the most and Oscar and I went to the Nintendo store and he got an orange Splatoon little squid character! Then we played Pokemon Tournaments DX. We got all hyper while playing, and starting running around the room like maniacs playing a video game. It was so much fun. I always used Garchomp and Suicune, and I sometimes used Charizard, Pikachu, Darkrai, and I used Sicor once. Same with him. We played on and on until we went to bed.

Tell me what you want me to write more about in the comment section. I will post roblox and nintendo switch the most often. See you later. Bye!



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