Nintendo Switch

Hello! Today I will be talking about my nintendo switch and two of Nintendo’s franchises.


I am so excited! For the switch, some amazing games have been exposed for 2018! They are Kirby star allies and Metroid Prime 4! There are also rumors for pokemon switch. Also rumors for super smash bros for the Nintendo Switch and Yoshi. I can’t wait! This could be Nintendo’s best year!


Kirby star allies is coming march 16th! I am totally getting it because it is a four player game and you can bond with creatures so they can they can be your team members! I am a big fan of the kirby series. Kirby’s first game was 1992! That was 26 years ago! That means it is was recently Kirby’s 25th anniversary! I am happy Nintendo released Kirby 26 years ago.


Metroid is a great franchise. It has first person shooters and 2D gameplay. In the first two games you are supposed to beat mother brain and after that Samus Aran the main  character tells you a big history thing for the intro of the third game Super Metroid. Bye the way, these are really old games because metroid first came out in 1986. But this year, Metroid prime 4 is coming to the switch.



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