Reading Non-fiction with 4B and Mr. DeBerry

In my lessons with 4B and Mr. DeBerry we learned about reading skills. We made weather slides and we switched weather topics after we finished one. But before that time we learned about the reading skills. One skill was how to summarize the text. We also used boxes and bullets to help before we wrote the paragraph on our non-fiction reading. We got sheets to glue into our notebooks. They were supposed to help us. ( And they did.) Our teams were mixed with both classes. ( 4A and 4B.) My team was Heather, Rory, Hana, Lucy, Max, Daniel, Hiroki and me. When we researched our weather topics we had partners.( Which i don’t like working in groups but we had to so I did and I liked it.) Daniel was my partner.

My class is 4A and those people are Heather, Hiroki, LUcy, And me. The rest was 4B. When we summarize the text we use compare contrast, sequential, and cause and effect. We can also use boxes and bullets.

When we were  reading non-fiction we had a log and every time we read we had to read non-fiction!( And to make it even worse we had to log every time  we read our non-fiction.) Everyday we got better at our reading skills. 3-5 times a week we had lessons on different reading skills. ( Sometimes twice a day.) One day Mr. Deberry read some books to us and we had to tell him the structure of each of them.( They all had different 

structures.) Sometimes Mr. Deberry made us read our non-fiction fiction books and then summarize the book and write a page or two about it.( He made it long so my hand hurt.) Once we had to draw a triangle and write our sources on how we got our research.( It was our homework for one day.)  Below is my flipgrid                   


                                        And below these words is my weather slide.( You should check it out.)

Ocean Food Web

This is my ocean food web. This exquisite place covers most of earth. In this ocean ecosystem, Living things will interact with each other. This will include, the sun, kelp, fish, manatees, sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, and marine worms.

Producer: Living things that produce their own food.

Herbivore: Animals that only eat plants.

Omnivore: Animals that eat meat and plants.

Carnivore: Animals that only eat meat.

Decomposer: Animals that decompose dead things.


Vasco Nunez de Balboa

Vasco Nunez de Balboa was the first european to see the pacific ocean. Balboa was born in 1475 and lived to 1519. Balboa was born in the city of Jerez de los Caballeros. Not much is known about his early life. His voyage to the new world (North America) was in 1501. Balboa sailed on a ship called Rodrigo de Bastidas. Bastidas took the people on the ship to present day Colombia. At Colombia, the crew explored the coast. Balboa landed in Hispaniola which is now Haiti Dominican Republic. His job was to be a farmer, but in 1510 his farm failed and he was in debt. Legend says, Balboa stowed away on a ship to not pay the debts. That ship’s captain was Martin Fernandez de Enciso. Balboa was a brave and ruthless explorer. He is remembered for his trips to the most feared  jungles in the world at that time but, the important thing about Balboa is that he was the first european to see the pacific ocean.  

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I am back to blog

Hi I am back to blog post. I live with my parents and my twin brother. I will be posting about Pokemon, Roblox/ Video games, and Pokemon Tournaments DX/ My Nintendo Switch. I hope you like my new posts!I just had a sleepover with my friend Oscar. He came to my house and we played on my Nintendo Switch. We only played Splatoon 2 and Pokemon Tournaments DX. First we played Splatoon 2 and we each played once. I played and i got the orange ink team. The orange team has fire powers and orange ink powers. I like orange team the most and Oscar and I went to the Nintendo store and he got an orange Splatoon little squid character! Then we played Pokemon Tournaments DX. We got all hyper while playing, and starting running around the room like maniacs playing a video game. It was so much fun. I always used Garchomp and Suicune, and I sometimes used Charizard, Pikachu, Darkrai, and I used Sicor once. Same with him. We played on and on until we went to bed.

Tell me what you want me to write more about in the comment section. I will post roblox and nintendo switch the most often. See you later. Bye!




When you go to Starbucks you will enter a mansion of delicious baked goods and cofe. There is madlines, rice crispy treats, and lots of other things. There is contrast, espresso, frappuchino, cake pops, and also really good drinks, right out of the freezer. I usually go after school to get somethings. I love madlines, cake pops, and lastly rice crispy dream bar. I also go after I finish my basketball. Sometimes, they don’t even have what I want because they are so popular. You should really go because the food and drinks are amazing.

I want a pool


I have noticed that I have nothing to do at my house. I want a pool at my house because it will give me something to do. I will swim instead of going on my I pad. Other times I get into an argument with my brother. I could be swimming with Nash by now and we wouldn’t be arguing. I really think I should get a pool to swim in.

I really believe if I get a pool my mood would be better.  When I  go on vacations in the south every February,  I ask my dad to rent a house with a pool. When that happens I am so happy because  I’m swimming in the pool.When I’m happy don’t fight as much with brother. Don’t you like it when Nash and I are NOT fighting?   I also think I should get a deep pool because I like deep pools more than shallow ones. If you get a pool it will give me something to do and I’ll be more positive.

I think I should have a indoor pool because if I had an outdoor pool I can’t go in the pool if it’s winter. I will swim in it every day. It will also keep me healthy and I will become stronger.  Isn’t it important to be healthy? Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. I hope you understand so far my reasons for wanting a pool.

More importantly, I would have more time to spend with you. I like spending time with you and I never have time to do that. I could also  invite my friends over to swim. This will also make me have better friendships.

Clearly, I want to get a pool to swim in because I can have more fun, be healthy, and spend time with family and friends.  I’m never happy because I want  to swim. Lastly, I could practice my swimming so I could get better at swimming. I bet you will get a pool at some point so I could have more fun and we can all be a happy, healthy family. Now let’s go swimming!


My name is Shea and I love drawing, writing my own books, video games. When I get home I do my homework right away then I play on my I pad. I do it right away because I don’t want to do it later. My favorite games on the I pad are Dungeon Boss and Sling Kong. My favorite game on a Wii is Super Smash Bros. I hate homework and I love playing in Fox Meadow Schools forest with all my friends. Bye, have a good life! (:  read on to learn more : )

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