Cyber Bullying

  1.  This PSA video compares cyber bullying to a virus because it spreads around the world like a virus e.g Say you posted a picture of yourself online and then someone sees the picture and says that person is beautiful when that someone sees that someone commented YOUR UGLY on a post they might look at the photo again and think oh this person is UGLY but they might still think that the person is pretty and without thinking they post…   I HATE THIS PERSON SHE IS THE UGLIEST THING IN THE WORLD and then everyone who sees both of those comments start posting other mean things because that one person posted YOUR UGLY.

2. One person can solve the virus of the cyber bullying by commenting SHE IS BEAUTIFUL or something nice and positive on the post and then just like the cyber bullying virus started it will do the same someone will see the SHE IS BEAUTIFUL comment and post other positive comment then everyone will start doing the same till the only comments left are positive ones.

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