Month: February 2020

Technology Post #2

When I get home from school I make a smoothie for me on the thermo-mix.

The thermo-mix is great in many ways the first way is because it allows lazy people to make home made foods and tell them the recipe.

The second reason is because it has every food you imagine, breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner! If you cant find a food from your home country dont worry! Go to settings and put the food menu on your country.

The third reason is because the thermo-mix has a balance… the balance underneath the thermo-mix balances the amount of a food/ingredient you put in. For example the screen says 20grams of sugar for a cake and you dont know how to measure how much sugar you put in, WELL THE THERMO-MIX WILL COUNT FOR YOU! As you put in an ingredient the thermo-mix counts even if you don’t want it to.


In conclusion the thermo-mix is a great product, It makes breakfast, lunch, snacks and Dinner! Its a great product to use when your hungry and lazy. This is because the Thermo-mix makes home made foods and its in your house. You dont have to go out to buy cookies, just make them  on the thermo-mix and customize want you want in your cookies. For example say you wanted sugar free cookies make cookies on the thermo-mix but skip the sugar part!

6th grade TECHNOLOGY POST #1

We played escape room in technology yesterday and tried to get
some glasses Mr.Calvert locked in a box with three locks….





Charlie started us off with the first clue and that clue was really helpful. The clue showed a path and, some rules were right and some were wrong we figured out that the right rules must be the path since Mr.Calvert wants us to be safe around dangerous machines. So that unlocked the path lock and now we had two locks left to go!




Next we asked Mr.Calvert for a hint… we asked him if an essay we found lying around was a clue to unlock another lock.Which was the number lock He said YES! He told us to read it over and over very carefully and soon we will unlock another lock. After reading the essay 6 times we finally unlocked the number lock.

When we had one lock left to go we asked Mr.Calvert to our last hint and he said it was somewhere on the wall so after looking around we found it and one of our teammates unlocked the last one. Both the teams tied! Hooray!

When doing this activity I learned that working together can make things move faster and that you have to listen to everyone’s idea because the quietest person has the best ideas so always listen to everyone and dont leave anyone out.