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Technology Post #7

School being closed for a whole month might sound fun, but when you are stuck in your house doing homework all day its the WORST!

In e-learning technology we are starting to learn about gems and diamonds. We have been assigned to watch an 1 hour video, 30 minutes today and 30 minutes next week. You might be thinking 1 HOUR!!! And that is what I was thinking at first but when I started the first 2 minuets of the video I was already amazed! 30 minutes passed by really fast since I was so interested… I might have accidentally watched the whole video feeling like it was 5 minutes but don’t worry I’ll rewatch the second half next week.

I’ve been learning some interesting stuff in all my subjects! But having to do work all day gives my headaches…

I want you to comment below what your doing in this horrible time and what your learning about. Bye! Have a nice day!

How Did You Use Energy This Weekend?

YOU! Yeah YOU! The person who is reading this right now!!!

You have an important question to think about!

How did YOU use energy this weekend?

Im not asking about how you siblings or how your parents used energy but I’m asking you how YOU used energy this beautiful weekend.

It’s a nice question to think about and it might be hard but not for long! If you think about it the definition of energy is the ability to do something. ANYTHING! Most of the things you do has something related to energy. So just think about what you did this weekend!


How I used Energy this weekend:

this weekend I was riding my 🚴🏻‍♀️bike🚴🏻‍♀️ around the 🏡neighborhood🏡 . I used energy for that because I was moving on my bike! That means I was using Kinetic Energy which is the energy of motion. To be more specific I was using thermal energy and mechanical energy. I was using thermal energy because I was creating heat in my body and I was using mechanical energy because my bike is mechanical.


fun fact:

did you know that almost every emoji is using energy! Examples:

sun emoji ☀️

bike emoji 🚲

lightning emoji 🌩

falling leafs 🍃

clap emoji 👏🏻

scientist emoji👩🏽‍🔬

hair cut emoji 💇🏽‍♀️


As you continue the rest of your day think about these two questions… how do these example emojis use energy and how did YOU use energy this weekend. When you have thought about both of them and got both answers, come back to this post and comment. Bye! Have a nice day!


I want you to think about how each of these emojis use energy & how you used energy this weeked PUT BOTH YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS!!! THANK YOU

What Is Energy?

My definition of energy is:

The skill to move


If you didn’t have energy you wouldn’t be able to move anywhere. If an animal didn’t build up energy before it ran it would get tired because it would run out of energy. 

Example of how you use energy:

Say you were walking your pet guinea pig, you would be using energy because you are using the power and skill you have to move to walk your guinea pig.

Technology Post #4

In Mr.Calvert’s 6th grade technology we started to make jewelry with 6 wires, one on the outside and five in the inside.

I had a few styles to pick out from. I could choose a heart, wave, eye,  lines,  the letter “S”, the word “Love”, a pencil, the peace sign, a turtle, a play sign, a book, waves, the word “sisters”, a straw or the word “hello”

I ended up choosing a word. I went for “Love”, because that is a wonderful word. I thought that it was going to be very very hard! But it was pretty easy to make. To make the “L” I curved the top of a short wire, took the wire and stuck it on some double sided tape on the word “Love” and then curved the bottom of the short wire and shaped the rest of the “L” on the word “Love”. To make the “o” I easily put a short wire rapped around a pencil tip to make a perfect circle that was small enough to be an “o”. Next I made the “v” and it was the HARDEST LETTER TO MAKE! This is because the v needs two straight lines but I didn’t want to make it like that because I thought that it would be easier to make a v out of one wire. This was very hard since the tools we had weren’t made to make straight lines but to make cured lines. Anyway I finally got the « v »done but it was not straight it was a curved « v ». Last but not least I made the e by simply curving a wire into another.

Now that I’m done with my design I have to but it all together.

See You In The Next Post! Bye!

Technology Post #2

When I get home from school I make a smoothie for me on the thermo-mix.

The thermo-mix is great in many ways the first way is because it allows lazy people to make home made foods and tell them the recipe.

The second reason is because it has every food you imagine, breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner! If you cant find a food from your home country dont worry! Go to settings and put the food menu on your country.

The third reason is because the thermo-mix has a balance… the balance underneath the thermo-mix balances the amount of a food/ingredient you put in. For example the screen says 20grams of sugar for a cake and you dont know how to measure how much sugar you put in, WELL THE THERMO-MIX WILL COUNT FOR YOU! As you put in an ingredient the thermo-mix counts even if you don’t want it to.


In conclusion the thermo-mix is a great product, It makes breakfast, lunch, snacks and Dinner! Its a great product to use when your hungry and lazy. This is because the Thermo-mix makes home made foods and its in your house. You dont have to go out to buy cookies, just make them  on the thermo-mix and customize want you want in your cookies. For example say you wanted sugar free cookies make cookies on the thermo-mix but skip the sugar part!

Cyber Bullying

  1.  This PSA video compares cyber bullying to a virus because it spreads around the world like a virus e.g Say you posted a picture of yourself online and then someone sees the picture and says that person is beautiful when that someone sees that someone commented YOUR UGLY on a post they might look at the photo again and think oh this person is UGLY but they might still think that the person is pretty and without thinking they post…   I HATE THIS PERSON SHE IS THE UGLIEST THING IN THE WORLD and then everyone who sees both of those comments start posting other mean things because that one person posted YOUR UGLY.

2. One person can solve the virus of the cyber bullying by commenting SHE IS BEAUTIFUL or something nice and positive on the post and then just like the cyber bullying virus started it will do the same someone will see the SHE IS BEAUTIFUL comment and post other positive comment then everyone will start doing the same till the only comments left are positive ones.

Capstone Reflections

In my Capstone presentation a was feeling very very nervous and had butterfly’s in my stomach but, when I started to present I looked at my audience my mom my fourth grade teacher, and then I felt way better. Words started to shoot out of my mouth! The butterfly’s in my stomach flew away! And then I was done in a second. I wanted to go 10 more times but then it was another performers had to go. I started to think to myself when the other performers started and I thought and thought and then I started to wonder why I was so nervous…

I think that performing to a live audience is a one of a lifetime experience. And I was nervous at first and kept asking myself why did I choose to do a Ted Talk!!!! And then everything went awesome and I thought I did amazing and I thought to myself and asked myself why I was nervous in the first place.

One challenge was to  choose my main question and sub questions because the sub questions cant be similar and the main question has to be related to the sub questions. I had to overcome this challenge because these questions were a big part of my Capstone.

This is my sideshow that went with my speech for my capstone presentation


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