April 21

Hello Everyone!

          Hi! This is my my first post and I’m so excited to do more blogging. Now that you are reading this I might as well introduce myself. My name is Sonya. I go to school in America. I’m the oldest child in my family, I have a younger sister, and is in second grade. My favorite desserts are candy, marshmallows, cotton candy, ice-cream sundaes, and s’mores. My favorite sports are tennis and swimming. At school my favorite specials are P.E. and Art. My least favorite specials are Chorus, Library, Music, and Spanish. My favorite subjects are reading and writing and I also play the violin.

I also really like swimming because I’m in a swimming team! My swim team is called the Stingrays. During swimming it is really tiring because we have to do a lot of laps. My least favorite strokes are the butterfly and backstroke. My favorite strokes are freestyle and breaststroke.  I like to play the violin because the violin is a new instrument for me. I also like it because I have a shoulder rest and I really wanted one for weeks! I was really excited when I got it! 🙂

           My favorite gummy candies are Sour Patch (Watermelon), and Gummy Bears (Apple flavored.) My favorite desserts are marshmallows, cotton candy,  ice-cream, s’mores (with extra chocolate and extra marshmallows), and ice cream sundaes (especially with caramel drizzle or chocolate drizzle) . My favorite food is pasta with pesto sauce. My favorite drinks are orange juice, pineapple juice, milk, and soda (only when my dad and mom let me drink it).

          When I have nothing else to do, I read and draw.  During the summer I like to read, go to the swimming pool, or write mini stories in my notebook. My favorite books are Charlotte’s Web (by E. B. White), Matilda(by Roald Dahl), The BFG (by Roald Dahl), and Love That Dog(by Sharon Creech).

            I have a lot of friends at school and all of them are really nice. I will write as much as can. If you want me to write about specific things please comment and I will write about them. I hope you like my blog! 😉

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