Butterfly stroke

Hi people! Today I’m going to be posting about the facts about why I don’t like butterfly and a little more about it. First of all butterfly looks like this: Image result for butterfly stroke

It is my least favorite stroke because on the 6th step, you have to immediately put your head down even though your hands are not even up yet.  I also do not like it because when I kick, my hands do not go up enough so that affects me from going farther so I basically stay in one place. also when I kick, the kicks I do are not strong so that also affects me from going farther. Even though it is not as worse as my backstroke is, it is still really bad.

Hoped you liked this post and ENJOYED my other posts! 😉

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One thought on “Butterfly stroke

  1. Sometimes the pleasure resides in conquering or perfecting the things we like the least. You look amazing with butterfly stroke.

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