Passion Post: Swim

Hi peeps! Today I’m going to be posting about swim. Swimming is one of my passions simply because I’ve been doing it for 5 years. For swim team though, I have only been doing it for 2 years. Now I am in the Badgers Swim Club and the requirements that they have are quite hard.

I normally go 3 times a week to practice, but if there is a meet, I go four times. I just had my second meet on Saturday, but I don’t know what place I am in. The last time I had a meet, I was in 63rd place, 42nd place, and 63rd place again. the strokes that I did were:  100 freestyle (63rd), 50 backstroke (63rd), and 50 breaststroke (42nd).  I wasn’t really happy about that. I thought that I would do better than I actually did.

If I were to line the strokes in the order I liked them, it would probably be like this: breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly, and finally backstroke. I absolutely hate backstroke because I have never been good at it. I am also not really good at butterfly because I always can’t get my hips up so I can go faster. I am pretty good at freestyle , but if I use all my energy at once, I can’t do more than 5 laps before slowing down. Breaststroke is my favorite stroke because I can relax when I’m doing it. Sometimes I can’t relax because either I’m in a meet or my coach tells us to go sprint breaststroke.  What is your favorite stroke if you do swimming?

Hoped you liked this posts and ENJOYED my other posts! 🙂

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