December 14


Hi peeps! Today I am going to be posting about breaststroke and why I like it so much. I really like breaststroke because I can relax myself while I’m doing it. But sometimes in my swim team we have to do sprint breaststroke and that is the only times I don’t like it. Other times, we just do it after a 30 minute freestyle sprint and it feels really good to relax yourself after a long and tiring swim.

I also enjoy swimming the breaststroke because I can do it for a longer time than the other strokes and because it was my 2nd stroke that I learned out of all four of the strokes. 

When I was younger I used to call the breaststroke the froggy stroke and I’ve always believed that it was called that until my dad told me the truth. When I found out, I cried ’cause I always thought that the”froggy stroke” was the right one. 


Hope you liked this post and ENJOYED my other posts! 🙂

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