February 20

Our New Pet Rabbits

Its been quite a while since I’ve blogged last. This time I will be talking about my new pets. We got the  baby rabbits a week and a half ago, but when we got them they were already about a month old.

When my dad said that we were going to get pet rabbits, me and my sister did not believe him. We were so excited when we found out that we were actually getting them.

Now that we have them, their names are Butterscotch ( his nick name is Butter) and Cream Cheese. Mine is Butterscotch and my sister’s is Cream Cheese. They are both white so we tell them apart by their sizes and their reaction when we pick them up.

Here is a photo of Cream Cheese and Butterscotch sitting together in their cage:

The one at the left is Cream Cheese and the one at the right is Butterscotch.

Hope you ENJOYED this post and liked my other posts! 🙂

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1 thoughts on “Our New Pet Rabbits

  1. vzou26

    Hi Sonya,
    This is Victoria. Cream Cheese and Butterscotch are so cute! I like how you put a picture in.



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