January 12

Writing Celebration

Today we went to visit our buddies. This is their 2nd writing celebration and we got to celebrate it with them. A few weeks ago they were writing their stories and i was really looking forward to hear/look at it.

Molly’s story is about her ski trip.  she went to Utah to ski and visit her grandparents, aunt and she went there to celebrate Christmas. Her favorite part about her ski trip was when she decided to go on the blue trail ( she must be way better than me if she can go on the blue trail).

Her second favorite part was when she got to celebrate her mom’s birthday before Christmas eve. She even got to eat ice cream sundaes at her grandparents house! Lucky her! Today I learned that Molly’s grandparents live in Utah.

Molly is very brave when she went skiing because she did not cry when she fell down. She actually liked when she fell down I think this story is about bravery. I really liked her story and it was really detailed. Molly’s  spelling is  also really good I really enjoyed her story. Molly says,  “I’m proud of it because it only took me 4 days to make it.”

ENJOY! 🙂 and hope you like it!

December 20

Molly’s Masterpiece

As you all know, I have already made a post about my wonderful buddy in kindergarten, Molly. Check out what one of her masterpieces are! 🙂 

This is one of Molly’s many masterpieces. I think that it has a lot of color and style in it. I really like this one because in the middle circle, there is a lot of small swirls. I think that makes her drawing very unique.