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Hey people, it’s Sohta, I am going to introduce you to stuff I like. I like basketball, tennis, and I like the game Roblox. All of these things I enjoy because they are really fun.

Roblox is the best game ever. Like, duh, who doesn’t like games? It’s the best game ever because it has tons of games. My favourite game is Pokemon Brick bronze, because once I was playing other games but they weren’t that fun. So I tried a game that Ari, Pedro, and Noah recommended and it turned out to be really fun.

I enjoy basketball too, I wonder why some people just don’t like sports?. I mean isn’t sports a daily exercise? I enjoy basketball because once I was playing basketball and someone said “I bet you can’t make a three pointer”
And I said “I’m gonna try”
swoosh it went in. Game over and the person was like woah. So anyway I enjoyed it so I liked it.

Finally I enjoy tennis, I recommend it if you don’t play a sport because it’s fun and it’s a great exercise. For example once I was Playing tennis in my tennis class. We were playing a game that if you knock over the cone you get 5 points. My coach said it’s practically impossible. Also if you hit the cone you get 2 points. Somehow I was hitting the ball and on my second try I hit the cone. And on my sixth try I knocked it over. And the kid next to me hitting balls didn’t even hit the cone yet. This made me feel great.
That was my first post. Hope you come back to my blog! If you have any questions or things you want me to write about, go to the comment section thanks for coming on my blog bye! =)


  1. ctolchin25 says:

    Wow! Your post is amazing. I like that you put a little story in each one of your paragraphs. I also don’t understand why people don’t like sports. Maybe you could write a little more on your game paragraph. What other games do you like to play? CT

  2. abaker25 says:


    • abaker25 says:

      I don’t really like sports, but nice job on a three pointer! (I dont know what it even really is though)

  3. kassatly says:

    It has been such a pleasure having you in our class this year. You have really grown and have made some wonderful friends. Your reading and writing have definitely improved, too! I hope you keep in touch with them after your move. Good luck in 5th grade!
    Mrs. Asstaly

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