Basketball Toronto vs Cleveland

May - 10 2017 | By

I just watched the game Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors.At first Cleveland was winning in the first quarter. But then the raptors started coming Back.  The score was Cleveland 30 Toronto 26.The Cleveland team is better and more popular I also prefer Cleveland. But the Toronto team is pretty popular too because they are also pretty good. they played two times the First time Toronto got wrecked by Cleveland with 20 points or so. I am talking about the second game this game the Toronto Raptors were playing better and even got the lead one time! After half time Cleveland was playing really good. Like Kyrie Irving swished a three pointer. But the best player on Toronto Demar Derozan was on fire. But Cleveland won.         


  1. abaker25 says:

    I think you accidentally made two of these.

  2. rslivjanovski25 says:

    I think it is really cool that you watch basketball. I also really like the Cleveland Cavaliers. I once went to see a basketball game in New York.

  3. pcestari25 says:


  4. mdavies25 says:

    Hi Sohta! Your post was really good! I like how you reported the game. It was so easy for me to picture the game in my head. I love basketball, and I watched that game too! Did you know that last year’s NBA Eastern Conference Finals was Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers as well? Well anyway, great job on your post!

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